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 LL Cool J, George Lopez Show, 29th September 2010

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PostSubject: LL Cool J, George Lopez Show, 29th September 2010   Sun May 06, 2012 6:23 am

Lopez: In your rap career, you have created tracks with a lot of rappers artists and musicians, who were some of your favourites?

LL: You know I had a lot of fun with Method Man, TMX, but the person I had the most fun with, you know, may he rest in peace, the songs were never releaed but I did quite a few songs with the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. The songs never came out. But I had a lot of fun in the studio, it was crazy.

Like one time we was in the studio, I was like, “Mike, in the Smooth Criminal, how do you lean forward like that?” I was sitting at a baby grand piano, I was sitting on the chair and he was sitting on the piano (LL does a yoga position) like this. “Oh, you know we had a Swarmi come in and he did a ritual and he leaned forward and we all leaned forward together.” I was like, “Really?!” He was like, “No, silly.” (laughs) Yo, Mike was funny!

One time, and I never told nobody this, and excuse the vulgarity of it but it’s late so it’s cool. You know one time, we was sitting in his office, I says, “Mike, Mike I gotta pass gass.” He said, “What? What?” I said, “I gotta fart.” He said, “You gotta what?” I said, “I have to fart.” He said, (motions with hands) “Well go ahead then.” And I went, prrrrrp! And he went ahahahahahahahaha! And then – hold on, hold up, I love it but this is when it gets funny. So he was on the phone and I says, “Oh man I’d love some ice cream.” So he says “Really? Hold on a second (mimics making a phone call, click) Yes? Hey. Guess what LL did? (beat) He ordered some ice cream.” Yo, Mike was a trip!

LL: Let me tell you something, working with Michael was the most amazing part of my life. I respect him so much, I love him so much.

Lopez: It’s special to have in your heart.

LL: He was amazing, amazing.
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LL Cool J, George Lopez Show, 29th September 2010
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