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 Stories From Michael’s Family On Twitter On His Birthday, August 29th 2010

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PostSubject: Stories From Michael’s Family On Twitter On His Birthday, August 29th 2010   Sun May 06, 2012 6:24 am

Niece Genevieve Jackson
Uncle Michael always called me “Randy with a Wig on” #MessagetoMj

Brother Jackie Jackson
#MessageToMJ I remember how one day the snake escaped & we were so scared, especially Toya, Janet & Mother

Nephew Taj Jackson
#MessageToMJ Remembering how my uncle stopped everything, so that he could go over choreography for our first live performance of Anything.

#MessageToMJ Remembering how my uncle did his amazing 3T “I Need You” end vocals in just ONE TAKE.

#MessageToMJ Remembering when my uncle told us the importance of visiting children hospitals around the world when we toured.

#MessageToMJ Remembering when U grabbed a baseball bat after the ’94 Northridge earthquake & said “This is when people start acting crazy” He grabbed it for protection

#MessageToMJ Remembering when we all hopped into my car after the ’94 Northridge earthquake and there was no gas in the tank.

#MessageToMJ Remembering that U climbed our tree when the ’94 Northridge earthquake had an aftershock.

#MessageToMJ We asked what U were doing, U said, “that tree is not going anywhere. It’s been there before we were born.”You had a point.

#MessageToMJ Remembering that the day after my mom died, you played Hide and Go Seek with all my school friends at Hayvenhurst.

3 Stooges Very Happy RT @fan4always: @tajjackson3 how in the world did the whole ‘APPLEHEAD’ thing start? Where did that name come from???

I plan to spend it with my 3 llittle cousins. Very Happy RT @Maryanne_Allan: @tajjackson3 heyhey! what you doing for mj’s birthday anything nice?

We (my brothers and I) use to tell my uncle that we were part of his army. He would always smile. I am still an MJ legacy soldier

So honored and proud to be spearheading #MessageToMJ. I love my uncle so much and I promise I will always keep his legacy alive.

Cousin Anthony Jackson
#messagetomj You know Applehead, the only reason The Matrix was so cool is because they took your style.

#messagetomj I miss our hot air balloon trips across Neverland
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Stories From Michael’s Family On Twitter On His Birthday, August 29th 2010
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