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 Katie Burrell On The Michael She Knew And On A Trip To Neverland With Her Father

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PostSubject: Katie Burrell On The Michael She Knew And On A Trip To Neverland With Her Father   Sun May 06, 2012 6:26 am

Michael liked those that can respect him. So many fans viewed it (the memorial service) as a show, a concert, and that’s not what it was. They disrespected his family to get to him, pushed them etc…

If you went up to him with a clear head and spoke to him, he’d speak back to you in his ‘real’ voice. If you were the fan that cried and couldn’t speak, he’d play the kop (King of Pop) role. He’s always been like that.

He is very sweet and he was honest to a fault UNLESS he felt the truth would hurt you. He was (also) a very shrewd business man and if things didn’t go correctly, he wouldn’t hesitate to have someone fired.

The first time I took my father to the ranch, he was cranky. He’s borderline diabetic and all we brought up were sweets, so he was complaining. We were in the arcade and it was blaring loud in there from the jukebox. Now im deaf, so if it was loud for me, it had to be mind numbing for everyone else. So i left and sat w/ my feet in the pool. My dad followed but then said he was going to go and get some water. After a half an hour, he still wasn’t back and when i went back to the arcade, there he was, playing a video game with a big cheesy grin on his face. “pow, i got u! POW POW” omg it was hilarious.

Then we went to the train station. It was full of pastries and candy. My father, the ‘diabetic’, went to the Good Humor chests (they had them all over the ranch) and got two ice cream bars for each hand, stuffed some candy in his pockets and waited for the train. After we ate dinner, we went to watch a movie. Instead of using the popcorn bucket for…popcorn (LOL) he filled it up w/ sweets and went to go sit down.

He told michael, at the end of the day, that he finally understood what the ranch was about. He finally got it. It was about the child within the adult. You didn’t have to be a kid to enjoy it and he was glad Michael opened his eyes to that. Michael just said he was glad and that he hoped he had a good time and to come back whenever.
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Katie Burrell On The Michael She Knew And On A Trip To Neverland With Her Father
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