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 Student to Seth Riggs, Michael’s vocal coach, talking about the stories he used to tell her, 2009

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PostSubject: Student to Seth Riggs, Michael’s vocal coach, talking about the stories he used to tell her, 2009   Sun May 06, 2012 6:29 am

Most of his stories are about how crazy the fans got around MJ. People mobbing him, jumping on top of his limo etc. One time on his Bad tour a large crowd gathered outside MJ’s hotel room and Michael knew it would be too dangerous for him to go outside there, so he sent out my voice teacher (named Seth) instead. Michael wrote a note which he gave to Seth to read to the fans and afterward Seth was instructed by MJ to give the note to the “youngest fan” out there. Seth saw a little girl and tried to give her the note but before he could, a woman JUMPED on him and ripped the note out of his hand. Then several people jumped on top of her and basically the note ended up being ripped apart. Then Seth ran for his life to get out of there haha.

Michael always wanted to learn how to say “I love you” in each language of the country he was visiting. So he could tell that to his fans in their own language.

During his bad tour MJ tried to keep quiet all the stories of him donating to children’s hospitals and such so he didn’t look like such a “goody goody”

Once Seth came into MJ’s dressing room to vocalize him before a show. Michael was busy reading a letter from a woman who was asking for money because she had just been hit by a car and told that she would never be able to walk again. Apparently, MJ was so moved by her letter he started crying and couldn’t stop. Seth had to calm him down enough so that he was able to go out and perform.

Once Michael played a joke on Seth by putting him on the phone with Pavarotti (Seth’s hero) unknowingly. Seth got into a conversation with him before he realized he was talking to Pavarotti and once he figured it out, he turned around and saw MJ laughing hysterically.

Once Seth came to Neverland to vocalize him. He walked into MJ’s bedroom and saw MJ changing his Chimpanzee’s diaper haha.

That’s probably my fav story haha

Lastly, Seth insists that Michael was completely ready for his This Is It tour. He says he was in great shape and it would have been an amazing comeback Sad They worked together for 30 years or so. If you’re interested there’s actually some audio on youtube of Seth vocalizing MJ.
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Student to Seth Riggs, Michael’s vocal coach, talking about the stories he used to tell her, 2009
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