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 About Touring, Private Home Movies, 2003

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PostSubject: About Touring, Private Home Movies, 2003   Sun May 06, 2012 6:47 am

MJ: You go from one continent to another. You’re sleepy, the time zones are different. You can’t sleep after a show…
(Clip of Michael on stage running towards the camera with a smile)
MJ: …the adrenaline is up here.
Director: Can we just do it again? Without the negative, saying you don’t like to tour… just…
MJ: (to director) I don’t like it though.
Director: I know, but this just…
MJ: I go through hell.
Director: Standing up though…
MJ: I go through hell touring!
Director: Touring is…
MJ: (to director) Okay then I’ll… I’ll make it positive then.
Director: Yeah, just a…
MJ: (to director) Just… you know the truth.
Director: Yeah… (laughs)… And action, Michael.
MJ: I love to tour. I just…
(All start laughing loudly)
MJ: (laughing) You guys messed it up! Why you all start laughing? I was ready to get into it!
Director: Just say…(laughing).
MJ: Hehehehehe… (giggles)
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About Touring, Private Home Movies, 2003
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