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 Delaney Bishop, Production of Scream, 1995

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PostSubject: Delaney Bishop, Production of Scream, 1995   Sun May 06, 2012 6:56 am


MJ music permeates the streets, the airwaves, the TV. People are dancing, remixing, enjoying.

My Michael Jackson story

A commenter to my blog asked that I chime in about Michael Jackson’s death this week. Here it is:

When I was a runner at visual effects house Planet Blue, we had an MJ music video in production. (effects work for SCREAM directed by Mark Romanek).

Caryl Flemmons, who remains my close friend and a producer, was the receptionist at the time.The General manager did not tell the staff we would be having visitors. The plan was to have MJ secretly escorted into the back.

In the afternoon, Caryl received a call from a car outside. They wanted someone to run down and show Janet inside. We assumed she was a commercial producer who was lost.

I ran down and a black Range Rover with darkly tinted windows pulled up. Janet Jackson stepped out but I didn’t recognize her. Too improbable, too unexpected, and the situation too rushed.

I asked if she were ‘Janet’ as I escorted her toward the door. By her smile, I could see she was mildly amused and her guard came down. (I’m now sure she was pleasantly surprised I had not recognized her. )

In the lobby, others recognized her immediately. The engineers assistant, Obie almost fainted. Janet was beginning to panic. She asked Caryl where Michael was. Caryl didn’t know who she was talking about and began to sort though the sign-in book. “Micheal Gresh?….Micheal….”

Finally Janet blurts out “Micheal Jackson!”

Everyone within earshot froze. In the silence we could hear a RUKUS down the halls toward the back door.

He was here. Briskly crossing, we could see his figure, and his shadow. A red bandanna covered most of his face and he wore a ‘Billy Jean’ ish hat.

Janet quickly joined him.

Later, Caryl would get request from Michael’s bay via telephone. In a frail, high voice he asked; “Sugar? Can you do my a favor, sweetheart? A glass of water? Thanks so much, honey.”

Caryl has since maintained Michael was the sweetest client she’d ever spoken to.
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Delaney Bishop, Production of Scream, 1995
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