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 Glenda Tapes 1:4, June 27th 1992

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PostSubject: Glenda Tapes 1:4, June 27th 1992   Sun May 06, 2012 7:01 am

Michael: We have this thing, it’s a (inaudible). We had them in London (he pronounces it so British, it’s cute), I didn’t, I didn’t taste it- EAGHH. Actually, when I heard it, I heard about it a long time ago. Did you see the movie King Ralph?
Glenda: No.
Michael: There was this pastry out in London in stuff, and it’s called a Spotted dick.
Michael and Glenda: (both laughing)
Michael: It looks good.
Glenda: Sounds terrible! (laughs)
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Glenda Tapes 1:4, June 27th 1992
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