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 “Captain Eo” set, usenet, 12th August 1985

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PostSubject: “Captain Eo” set, usenet, 12th August 1985   Sun May 06, 2012 7:43 am

Gossip-from-friend-of-friend-of-coworker-of-occasional-tennis-player-buddy-of-guy-who-works-on-set-(how else does anything spread around Hollywood?) Department:

Harrison Ellenshaw (Disney special effects ace) reports that Michael’s buddy-buddying up to all the technical people on the shoot (much to their amusement). I’m sure he’s a perfectly nice guy and all, but it _ i_ s a little disconcerting. So Harry comes home and his kids are in an uproar; they can’t believe it! Seems that Michael Jackson called him up at home to just chat, you know? Toss around some ethereal ideas and such. Left a message in his unmistakable tones on the answering machine. So his kids spend the rest of the evening calling all their friends and playing back Michael’s message from the answering machine.
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“Captain Eo” set, usenet, 12th August 1985
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