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 Michael’s Orgasmic Affinity For Art, 1984

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PostSubject: Michael’s Orgasmic Affinity For Art, 1984   Sun May 06, 2012 7:48 am


And he knows that when he sees it. Like in the early 1980s when he met Michael Jackson for the first time. My husband (Howard Bloom) had just been hired to do Michael’s publicity – most notably for the Victory Tour of 1984.

As he walked into the room to be introduced to Michael, Michael was about to be shown proposed album cover art. I recall Howard describing, as he often did, Michael’s reaction to seeing the first nugget of the work.

It goes like this:

“Oooo (rhyming with ‘you’) ….. Oh, oh, oh, oooooo, oooo, ooohhhh” with Howard adding little sighs and moans in the manner of a person, although standing, having an orgasm.

And this was with just the first square inch of the art exposed.

As Howard explains it, “You can feel that in every inch Michael sees an infinity.”
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Michael’s Orgasmic Affinity For Art, 1984
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