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 Eddie Murphy, Delirious, 1983

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PostSubject: Eddie Murphy, Delirious, 1983   Sun May 06, 2012 7:50 am

Eddie: All you gotta do is sing. Michael Jackson who can sing. And is a good looking guy. But he ain’t the most masculine fellow in the world. That’s Michael’s hook, his sensitivity. Women be saying, “Michael’s just so sensitive.” They eat that shit up. Mike know too, he be usin’ women in concerts. I seen Mike onstage in the audience, “Is it alright if I come down and sing this song to you?” Then if you don’t scream [enough during the show], Mike’ll get real sensitive and cry on yo’ ass.

You hear that record “She’s Out Of My Life”? Michael goes, (starts singing) “So I’ve learned that love is not posession and I’ve learned that love won’t wait and I’ve learned that love needs expression but I learned too (voice cracks) late.” (breaks into sobs)

Tito, get some a tissue. Jermaine, stop teasing.”

Just SING!
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Eddie Murphy, Delirious, 1983
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