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 Michael on Soul Train, Don Cornelius, 1975

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PostSubject: Michael on Soul Train, Don Cornelius, 1975   Sun May 06, 2012 7:54 am

DC – “I was just kinda rapping with Michael about what he does for…he told me not to say “kicks” right? (Michael chuckles) What he does in his leisure time…What do you do, Mike?”
MJ – “Well I read a lot…and..”
DC – “What kinda books do you read?”
MJ – “Like science fiction or just some of the bestsellers like ‘A Night to Remember’…’The Sinking of the Titantic’ and uh….I feed my birds every morning.”
DC – “You have a bird collection?
MJ – “Yeah”
DC – “Do you buy’em or do you catch them?”
MJ – “No *laughs*, I buy them.”
DC – “Do you go to a regular school or a private school?”
MJ – “No, we go to a private school and it’s a lot different from public.”
DC – “I would imagine that there are a lot of show-business kids that go to school there.”
MJ – “Yeah”
DC – “Who are some of the more famous kids you go to school with?”
MJ – “Well…Donny Bonaduce of ‘The Partridge Family’”
DC – “Is he a pretty good kid?”
MJ – “Yeah…yeah, I guess you could say that.” *Michael starts smiling like ‘Yea, you know I’m lying!’*
DC – “That’s not what you told me a while ago…”
MJ – “…No, he is!” *still smiling, trying to look serious*
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Michael on Soul Train, Don Cornelius, 1975
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