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 Michael Just Woke Up With a New Hairstyle

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PostSubject: Michael Just Woke Up With a New Hairstyle   Sun May 06, 2012 8:09 am

Michael with Marlo Henderson

Who is in the pic? And why Michael has “bed hair” ?

Marlo Henderson played guitar on Michael's “Off the Wall” and “HIStory” albums. He also worked on some J5 albums.

Marlo needed a photo for his resume so called the studio for permission, then went to the studio where they were mixing “Thriller” where he found Michael asleep as he had been up all night. He shook and woke Michael up to ask him for the pics. Michael was gracious but said "What!!” He did not want to wake up! However he came out front and took the photo and then went back to sleep.

Of the pic, Marlo said Michael is looking at me as if to say “I can not believe this guy actually woke me up to take a picture," but posed for the pic along with his “bed hair”. Marlo recalls Michael was really “nice about it”.

Marlo, who lived near Michael, met him in 1971 and then again at a local car wash that Michael used to go to every week in Encino. They would meet every Thursday at 2pm for 5 months and chat for hours in a local donut shop whilst the cars were cleaned. Marlo remembers Michael as unpretentious, serious, wanting to break barriers, curious and a prankster. He cherishes the picture as it is so raw.


The part where Marlo talks about Michael begins around 6:55.
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Michael Just Woke Up With a New Hairstyle
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