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 Rubberhead Club

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PostSubject: Rubberhead Club   Sun May 06, 2012 8:14 am

The secret organization created by Michael for the children he entertained at his Californian Neverland Ranch has been revealed by New Jersey businessman Henry Vaccaro, who picked up an estimated $5 million (GBP2.7 million) treasure trove of Jackson family memorabilia for just $60,000 (GBP33,333).
Vaccaro picked up the items when he paid the $60,000 the Jacksons failed to pay a storage company where the family letters, photographs, drawings and memorabilia was housed, and he has since sold the haul to a collector in Europe.
But before handing the items over to their new owner, Vaccaro unveiled a range of storage contents to America's "People" magazine - including Michael's Rubberhead Club Portfolio.

Invitations to join were extended to visitors to Michael's Neverland Ranch. He drew up contracts for membership, created name badges and other materials for members, and published a set of fourteen rules for "Rubbers".

Included in the paper bag, were a club bookmark, badges and fake money - all adorned with handwritten labels.

Note to the Rubbers (Rubberhead Club Members)

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Rubberhead Club
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