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 Michael's Disguise With Tatum O'Neal

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PostSubject: Michael's Disguise With Tatum O'Neal    Wed May 09, 2012 3:45 am

1982: MJ and Tatum O'Neal - This snap document is from one of the "crazy nights" Tatum says she shared with Michael Jackson. "We were going to a Kool and The Gang Concert but Michael didn't want to be spotted." Tatum said. "He got a special effects guy to help. We had an amazing night. No one recognized us, but we did get some strange looks as he appeared so much older than me. Michael loved it. He thought it was so much fun. Rick created this beard and did some work on Michael's lips. He also gave him make-up to make his skin darker." The next day as she claimed, they partied at the Playboy Mansion and shared a hot tub - in swimming suits.
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Michael's Disguise With Tatum O'Neal
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