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 1988 Alan Light Meets Michael In Hawaii

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PostSubject: 1988 Alan Light Meets Michael In Hawaii   Wed May 09, 2012 4:27 am

In February, 1988 Alan Light met and photographed Michael Jackson in Kahala Hilton Hotel, on Oahu, Hawaii. "I asked Michael if I could take a picture and he said sure, but wanted to move away from the main part of the hotel so that it did not attract attention. He said "I snuck out on my bodyguards; they don't know I'm out here." He posed for a picture with my friends Jack and Don, then posed for a photo with me. After the flash went off I thanked Michael, and he said "Let's do it again, I had my eyes closed." So we took a second picture. When I later got the film developed, sure enough, he had his eyes closed in the first picture. It was nice of him to tell me that."
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1988 Alan Light Meets Michael In Hawaii
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