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 Stacey McKenzie Remembers sitting behind the "KING" at the Premiere of the "Ghosts"

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PostSubject: Stacey McKenzie Remembers sitting behind the "KING" at the Premiere of the "Ghosts"   Wed May 09, 2012 5:33 am

I was so blessed to have the opportunity to meet the KING himself. I will never forget that moment for the rest of my life. I was chosen to attend The Fifth Element premier at the Cannes Film Festival as Jean Paul Gautiers’ date, the next day Mr. Gautier informed me that we were invited to attend the premier for Michaels video “Ghosts”. I brought my disposable camera ( yes people DISPOSABLE) and took my seat in the 2nd row centre. Soon there was a lot of mayhem, people jumped out of their seats running to get a picture with Michael who was being swarmed by mad security. The security escorted Mr. Jackson to his seat and I almost had a heart attack, it was right in the front row centre behind me!

Once he settled in and the lights went dim, I began to tap him on his shoulder, he would turn around and smile, then speaking in his low boy like voice he said to me,”Hi pretty, are you having a good time”? I couldn’t speak but I was snapping away with my disposable camera. Through out the night, I tapped him quite a few more times and took quite a few more pictures, each and every time he would laugh asking if “I was enjoying myself”. After the premier, he was willing to take a picture with me, while about to do so a crowd of people rushed him and he had to leave immediately due to security reasons. The last time I saw Mr. Jackson was while he was being taken away from beside me, the last thing he said to me was,”I’m sorry pretty girl, I hope you still had fun”. That was the day I met the KING and I continue to cherish it to this very day.

Thank you Mr. Jackson for THRILLING us with your music!
Thank you Mr. Jackson for being the BADDEST dancer!
Thank you Mr. Jackson for INSPIRING so many generations to follow your footsteps
Thank you Mr. Jackson for THE WAY YOU MADE ME FEEL that day in France
Thank you Mr. Jackson for making us SCREAM for more!

May god rest your beautiful soul

Stacey McKenzie

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Stacey McKenzie Remembers sitting behind the "KING" at the Premiere of the "Ghosts"
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