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 Remembering the Recording of "Childhood" and "Smile"

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PostSubject: Remembering the Recording of "Childhood" and "Smile"   Wed May 09, 2012 9:24 am

"When we did Michael's song "Childhood" and the Charlie Chaplin song "Smile" on the HIStory album, Michael sang live with the orchestra. We recorded both songs in one session at the Hit Factory in New York. Those live vocal takes are mainly what we used to finish both songs; I think Michael punched in a line or two on both songs. His live vocals were so fantastic!

When we finished the recording of "Childhood" and "Smile" with the orchestra, Michael asked me if he could go out in the studio and meet the musicians in the orchestra. On the studio talkback, I asked the arranger and the conductor Jeremy if Michael could come out and meet the orchestra. Of course, he said, "Absolutely!". During the recording, the entire orchestra had been listening to Michael sing through their individual headphones. When Michael walked out in the studio to meet them, the orchestra gave him a standing ovation! Every member of the 50-piece orchestra stood up on the conductor's podium and applauded as loud as they could! Jeremy stood up on the conductor's podium and also applauded as loud as he could! I was applauding, by myself in the control of the room as loud as I could!
Michael was thrilled!"

Bruce Swedien

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Remembering the Recording of "Childhood" and "Smile"
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