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 March 18th 1991, Michael and Madonna out for Dinner!

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PostSubject: March 18th 1991, Michael and Madonna out for Dinner!   Wed May 09, 2012 9:59 am

Madonna and Michael Jackson are seen in separate photos as they leave the Ivy restaurant in Los Angeles after dining together Saturday night. The two pop stars caused a commotion when restaurant employees battled with photographers.

One of the journalists recalls:

”We’re at the Ivy, and Madonna and Michael Jackson are there together. It was me and Greg Deguire, and an AP guy,” recalls photographer Vinnie Zuffante. We wait for her to come out, and we hear she’s with Michael Jackson, we didn’t believe it. So we see them and they’re walking out and the maitre d’ says no wait I don’t want them getting any pictures”

Both Madonna and Michael said, ‘It’s OK — no problem.’ He said, ‘No, not at myrestaurant.’ He takes Michael Jackson’s hand, walks Michael Jackson to his limo. He goes back, gets Madonna, walks Madonna to the limo. He has the waiters come out, and the busboys, holding up tablecloths, and putting menus in our faces, so that we couldn’t get pictures. So I hit him in the head twice with the camera — the maitre d’. Madonna says, ‘ It’s OK, you don’t have to do this,’ and the maitre d’ is saying, ‘Not in front of my restaurant.’ He’s hitting me, I hit him in the head With the camera. Madonna starts laughing... It was crazy.”
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March 18th 1991, Michael and Madonna out for Dinner!
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