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 "Love Jive"

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PostSubject: "Love Jive"   Thu May 10, 2012 7:35 am

"February 1976 (Manila, Philippines)

Michael Jackson and his brother's second trip to the Philippines was for a 6 night Valentines Day Concert titled "Love Jive.
These faded photos were taken when The Jacksons guested for the second time in the top rated noontime show Student Canteen.
The show had a Michael Jackson sing-a-like contest and Michael himself was the judge and the one to award the winner. Apparently, Michael looked very uncomfortable with the idea of having to select one winner and when the time came, Michael raised BOTH finalists hands. (Isn't that a very Michael thing to do?)
Edddie Ilarde, the host of the show describes Michael as the friendliest among the brothers.
"He was just the sweetest". Michael told me, 'Hi Ed! This is our second time in your show and it's an honor to be invited again.' "He was polite and nice. Very humble!" said Eddie.
As you can see the studio was jam packed that day. The hosts didn't even have space to step away from the set. Meanwhile, it was pandemonium outside as fans waited to get a glimpse of Michael and his brothers."
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"Love Jive"
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