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 God will Never be able to Take Michael away from our Hearts

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PostSubject: God will Never be able to Take Michael away from our Hearts   Thu May 10, 2012 9:45 am

Some years back, rumors said that Michael was going to have some last shows in Las Vegas. I filpped out when I heard this and the first thing I did, was to run upstairs to mom to tell her about the great news. My dream for many years had been to get a chance to see Michael live. I just had to go!! I begged my mom: "Please let me go, please, please, plase, pleeeeeeaseeeee!!" I knew that she would say "no" though, because las Vegas in on the other side of the globe. Anyways, mom and I were standing in the middle of the room upstairs when we talked about Michael and then she said: "Sorry charlottee, ı can't let you go to Las Vegas but if Michael ever comes to London, I'm going to let you go so you can get a chance to see him there." I started crying because I really wanted to go, and I lnever thought he would be coming to London. I lost all my faith in ever seeing him live.

This summer my mom died when our house caught fire. They told me they found her dead on the floor of the room upstairs, exactly where mom and I had discussed Michael. One month later, I got tickets for Michael's concerts in London! I knew mom was watching over me and made sure that I got a ticket. Mom once told me that her dream for me was to get a chance to see Michael Jackson and I was so happy that both of our dreams would finally come true. But now... now I and the rest of the world won't be able to see Michael at all. We all know that he is in a better place now where he finally gets some peace. At last, he can relax. And I know that he will always be here with us, because he will always be in our hearts. God took Michael Joseph Jackson away from us physically, but God will never be abe to take him away from our hearts. Michael will live forever through his music.

He is a legend that will never be forgotten.
We all love you Michael, and we will never forget you.

Charlotte Sc-vee Hestnes, fan from Norway

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God will Never be able to Take Michael away from our Hearts
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