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 Jackson Five- 1975

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PostSubject: Jackson Five- 1975   Tue Dec 27, 2011 10:32 am


Michael accepts an award on behalf of Diana Ross at the American Music Awards and he also presents an award with Janet to Gladys Knight & The Pips.

The Jackson 5 tour the West Indies .

January 16:

The album Forever Michael & the single We’re Almost There are released by Motown.

January 25:

The Jackson 5 perform Life Of The Party at the Carol Burnett Show.

Vintage Groups

February 6-12:

The Jackson 5 perform at the Radio City Music Hall of New York.


The Jacksons return to for a concert tour supported by the group The Real Thing.

February 17:

Jackie & Enid are on the cover of Jet Magazine

March 8:

The Jackson 5 share the stage with Bob Marley & the Wailers at the National Stadium in Kingston ( Jamaica )

March 16:

The Jackson 5 appear on the Cher TV show.They are introduced by Janet and they perform I Am Love + a skit called The World Is a Mess and finally Cher joins the group to perform a medley of I Want You Back/I’ll Be There/Never Can Say Goodbye/The Love You Save/Dancing Machine.

I Am Love



The single Just A Little Bit Of You is released by Motown.

May 14:

Michael and Bery Gordy have a private meeting at Berry's Bel Air estate.

May 15:

Moving Violation is the last album of the Jackson 5 released by Motown. The group complains about royalty payments and lack of artistic control. They decide not to renew their contract and Joe negociates with CBS Epic Records to sign a new recording contract but Jermaine disagrees.


Forever Came Today is the last single of the Jackson 5 released by Motown.

June 11:

Concert in Chicago ( Illinois )

June 16:

The Jackson 5 performs Moving Violation at the Dinah Show (they are introduced by Janet)

Moving Violation

Forever Came Today

Michael also performs You Are My Sunshine as a duet with Dinah Shore:

June 28:

The Jackson 5 perform Dancing Machine, Moving Violation & Just A Little Bit Of You (by Michael) at American Bandstand.

Dancing Machine

Moving Violation

Just A Little Bit Of You and interview

June 30:

Joe Jackson calls a press conference at the Rainbow Grill in Manhattan with the whole family but Jermaine to announce that the Jackson are leaving Motown for CBS Epic Records. Jermaine is officially replaced by Randy and the group is renamed The Jacksons because Motown owns the Jackson 5 name.


The Jackson 5 perform Forever Came Today & Body Language at the Carol Burnett Show without Jermaine!

July 3:

Randy & Janet are on the cover of Jet Magazine.

July 6:

The Jackson 5 perform at the Music Fair in Westbury ( Long Island )

August 8:

Dee Dee gives birth to Taryll Jackson.

August 16:

Marlon marries Carol Ann Parker.

August 28:

The Best Of Michael Jackson is released by Motown.


The promotion of Moving Violation is officially over when the single Body Language is cancelled.

September 1:

Concert in Mount Vernon ( New York )

October 5:

The J5 perform Forever Came Today, All I Do Is Think Of You, One Day In Your Life, Just A Little Bit Of You & We've Got Forever at the Soul Train Show

Forever Came Today

All I Do Is Think Of You

One Day In Your Life and Interview

Just A Little Bit Of You

We've Got Forever

November 20:

Tito, Dee Dee, Taj & Taryll are on the cover of Jet Magazine.


Concerts in Manila ( Philippines ) & Mexico City ( Mexico )

Moving Violation Tour Mexico

The Life Of The Party/Forever Came Today:

Never Can Say Goodbye:

Dancing Machine:

J5 Medley:

Made Especially For Me:

It's Too Late To Change The Time:

Body Language:

Music And Me:


I'll Be There:

One Day In Your Life:

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Jackson Five- 1975
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