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 Michael- 1981

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Michael passes his driving licence. One day he’s arrested by a cop thinking he has stlolen his Rolls Royce and he is put in jail but a few hours later, Bill Bray comes to his rescue and Michael is released!

Michael consults the dermatologist Arnold Klein because he has a skin disesase called Vitiligo which depigmentates the color of his skin. He meets the nurse Debbie Rowe.

Michael appears in media adverts for Suzuki in Japon using Don’t Sop Til You Get Enough.

All the commercials and the making of the Suzuki commercial:

Michael does backing vocals on the song Going Back To Alabama by Kenny Rogers and on “The Dude”, an album by Quincy Jones.

Going Back To Alabama

The Dude

The Jacksons receive the NAACP’s Image Award for best singing group of the year.

January 30:
Michael attends the American Music Awards where he receives three awards for Off The Wall (one of them is presented by sister LaToya) and he also pays tribute to Chuck Berry. Diana Ross is his date for the evening.

Favorite Soul/RnB Male presented by Latoya

Favorite Soul/RnB Album for Off The Wall

February :
Michael buys a condominium in Encino.

February 5 :
During a Diana Ross concert in Los Angeles, Michael gets on stage to sing Upside Down with her!

Epic releases the single Can You Feel It. To accompany the song, a promotional short film called The Triumph is released. It’s conceived, written & produced by Michael and contains amazing special effects.

Michael is on the cover of Jet Magazine.

March 2 :
CBS airs a Diana Ross’s TV Special featuring Michael.
Together, they perform Rock With You & Ease On Down The Road (with Quincy Jones on the piano)

Ease On Down The Road

Rock With You

March 25:
Motown releases the album & the single One Day In Your Life (with old material by Michael)

March 31:
Michael attend the Academy Awards with Diana Ross and then they go to an after party where he meets and befriends actress Brooke Schields.

Michael- 1981 1981AcademyAwards

Michael- 1981 1981AcademyAwards2

Michael- 1981 1981AcademyAwards3

Michael- 1981 1981AcademyAwards4

Michael- 1981 1981AcademyAwards5

Michael does backing vocals on Carole Bayer Sager’s song Just Friends produced by Burt Bacharach & Michael.

April 4:
Michael appears on the cover of ’s NME which included an exclusive interview given to Danny Baker in Los Angeles .

Epic releases the fourth and last single from The Triumph album titled Walk Right Now.

The Jacksons start rehearsing for The Triumph Tour.

Pictures from the press conferences for the tour.

Press conference one:
Michael- 1981 PressConference1

Michael- 1981 PressConference12

Michael- 1981 PressConference13

Michael- 1981 PressConference14

Michael- 1981 PressConference15

Michael- 1981 PressConference16

Michael- 1981 PressConference17

Michael- 1981 PressConference18

Michael- 1981 PressConference19

Press conference two:

Michael- 1981 PressConference2

Michael- 1981 PressConference22

Michael- 1981 PressConference23

Michael- 1981 PressConference24

July 9:
The Jacksons kick of the Triumph Tour in Memphis ( Tennessee )

July 13:
Concert in Buffalo ( New York )

July 22:
Concert in Atlanta . All the benefits go to the Atlanta Children’s Foundation.

Michael- 1981 Atlanta1

Michael- 1981 Atlanta2

Michael- 1981 Atlanta3

Michael- 1981 Atlanta4

July 31 + August 1:
Concerts in Washington DC .

August 2:
Concert in Buffalo ( New York )

August 5:
Concert in Toronto

August 12:
Concert in Atlanta

August 15:
Concert in Philadelphia ( Pennsylvania )

August 19:
Concert at the Madison Square Garden of New York City .

Backstage pictures from Triumph tour:

Michael- 1981 Backstage1

Michael- 1981 Backstage2

Michael- 1981 Backstage3

Michael- 1981 Backstage4

Michael- 1981 Backstage5

Michael- 1981 Backstage6

With The Police

Michael- 1981 Backstage7WithThePolice

Michael- 1981 Backstage8

Michael- 1981 Backstage9

Michael- 1981 Backstage10

Michael- 1981 Backstage11

Michael- 1981 Backstage12

Michael- 1981 Backstage13

Michael- 1981 Backstage14

Michael- 1981 Backstage15


Michael- 1981 Backstage16

Michael- 1981 Backstage17

Michael- 1981 Backstage18

Michael- 1981 Backstage19

Michael- 1981 Backstage20

Michael- 1981 Backstage21

Early September:
Michael visits Katherine Hepburn in her Manhattan home and she attends a Jacksons concert at the Madison Square Garden .

September 8:
Concert in Kansas City ( Missouri )

September 10:
Concert in Denver ( Colorado )

September 12/13/19 :
Last Concerts of The Triumph Tour at The Forum of Los Angeles .

The Jacksons are on the cover of Ebony magazine.

October 3 :
Michael gives an interview to Randy Taraborrelli with Janet by his side

October 16:
While at the Studio 55 in Los Angeles , Michael sings backing vocals on the song Don’t Let A Woman Make A Fool Out Of You by Joe Carrasco.

Epic releases The Jackson Live, the first live album the group recorded during the Triumph Tour at the Madison Square Garden .

November 5:
Michael is on the cover of Jet Magazine in which he is voted most popular male entertainer.

Triumph tour concert in Los Angeles:

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Michael- 1981
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