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 1987/88 Tatiana Thumbtzen

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New info regarding her time shooting the video through till her 2005 book, Excerpt from Tatiana's book "King of My Heart"

[Page 50] Poitier Was Pissed! Since Harry loved my talent, he wanted me to try out for a film with his good friend Sidney Poitier. This will be the day I will never forget. While I was waiting for him to call me in to his office, I already could hear him yelling at the top of his lungs. He was yelling at someone over the phone. He was so loud anyone could hear him. He was already very obvious really upset. Soon, it was time for me to walk in. I began to read the script, my part wasn’t a small one. This was actually an leading role. With this being my 1st chance for a possible leading role that I have never been use to and his very obvious angry attitude I very intimidated. He told me, ‘No, that’s not it!’, he yelled.
‘Do it again!’ he ended with. There was no patience, no concern, he was cold-hearted and very unencouraging. Then he ended my audition by saying, ‘You’re not ready. I don’t know why Harry (Belafonte) would even send you to me.’ I couldn’t be totally offended by his statement because he was 100% correct. I did confess to him and said, ‘I don’t think I did very well did I?’ I even felt that he didn’t like me as well. Harry still was encouraging to me and told me everything would be ok.
Getting the Part [Page 54]

Her representation called her on August 28 letting her know she got the part.
[Page 58]:
David Banks the co-writer of TWYMMF, is a relative of Eddie Griffin. He(David) shared with her how MTV had complained about MJ’s new video TWYMMF saying it was too “ethnic”. David said to her, ‘He’s (MJ) Black. What do they expect?’ [Page 62] Meeting Michael: There I stood in front of a slim but very handsome Michael Jackson came walking up to me.
[Page 65] Staring Contest (Between she and MJ):
The next day of shooting the video. That morning, at this time mostly what the 2 did (she and MJ) gaze at each other back and forth and just smiled and waved at each other the whole time. As she puts it, they just kept on repeating this silent, unscripted and unrehearsed scene over and over again. BUT it was Michael, who broke the ice and took it to another level.
Though he did regularly gaze at me, I was in awe when I caught him looking at my butt. He just approached me up close boldly and studied my butt. Then he took a moment to look away for a second after he did that and it was as if he was thinking or as if he was somewhere else? Then after he took this little pause moment he just bluntly asked, ‘Were you a ballerina?’
TY: ‘Yes.’
MJ: ‘You wore pointy shoes and danced on your toes?’
TY: ‘Yes, I did.’,
[Page 70] Flirty Talk, Sexy Walk:
(After their flirting in and out of the car and her fall along with MJ helping her up and wiping her butt off and the 2 giggling and him telling her not to walk away and stay there with him. Because in MJ’s eyes she didn’t need to change her stocking because it was sexy the way she had her runs on them, she says this happened with MJ. With him being mischievous and testy, he became the over seer and had the last word on his video-he was like an construction worker with the way he acted with her that day.) This was the moment that was one of the most pleasurable and special we shared between us. He said to me, he absolutely loved the way I walked, it was all so sexy. He was all so sexy just by the way he said it to me. His words,
‘You’ve got a great walk’, TY:’It’s just a walk.’, MJ:’Oh no! It’s a “special” walk. It’s sexy.’
[Page 71] Role Reversal: This was during a break and she shared with him how she did see him about 3 years old in NY, he was walking ahead of her that day and she followed him.
MJ:’Oh really?’,
TY:’Yeah, I was there during the Victory Tour.”
MJ: ‘Why didn’t you say something? You should have said something.’
TY: ‘I was too shy; couldn’t think of what to say.’
[On page 72, she shows a pic of her and MJ when they were performing for the Bad Tour onstage and he is checking her butt out with excitement. She comments how much she enjoyed the fact that he would often check out her butt.] Also from this page she talks about MJ pointing out the 2 birds from above mating and she mentions how by this moment she became use to with MJ often looking at her with “naughty” looks, stares and his sweet smirk-it all became familiar to her now. Could It Be I’m Falling in Love?:
[Page 73] She finds out that it was originally written in the script for her and MJ to kiss but it was Joe the director who decided to not do that. She now admits she had no clue, as she wasn’t privy to the script. She was completely unaware of this while they were filming this video. She now seems to realize and understand that while she and MJ were doing their hugs embrace scene that they were acting and there’s a great possibility that MJ just may’ve not necessarily been trying to comfort her because of her being upset that this was the end of their working together in this video. She did say that it was all professional. Towards the end of the video of the 2′s hug and makes an heart, she shares how that was not planned or scripted it just happened that way and everyone especially the director pointed it out and was pleasantly surprised. She felt it was a sign from God himself.
[Page 74 and 75] Teased at the Table:
During the last 2 days of shooting the video, everyone but MJ and LaToya had 4-5 tables set together by the caterers to server their lunch. All the production crew, director, extras and etc all gathered together for their meal. It was MJ and LaToya who ate privately in their trailers. During lunch at the tables it was so much like elementary school. As she walked to get her food and take her place at the table, some people were teasing her about she and Michael, ‘Oooh. You and Michael like each other.’ they would say. Then someone else went with a chorus of giggles, ‘They’re all in love.’ Even the director joined in with the teasing of that, he somehow had teasingly choreographed the scene with everyone acting like children cackling. She understood it was all fun but it did make her blush beet-red. Eventually the director quieted his class. She eventually ran quickly away from everyone because she was getting embarrassed even though she knew it was harmless fun to them.

“I Love You, Michael”: As she made her way to respectfully leave Michael and Frank from their trailer; and after she received a hat from both of them, as she was walking she said to MJ, ‘I love you, Michael.’ and according to her Michael said, ‘I love you too.’
She kept in contact after the video was finished with, Craig (MJ’s stand-in), David Banks and Joe Seneca. She shares here how not only David Banks who was amazed by how tiny she was but Michael Jackson as well. Michael Jackson would say to her, ‘So, you’re a size zero?’
TY: Yes

She says that she was so small that she would slip through his (MJ’s) hands.

Chapter 10:Slipping from the Grip of the Glove: Shamless Curiosity:
Pg. 77 and 78: She now realizes and found out that after her People magazine interview everything else she did was set up through MJ’s team for pre-filmed interviews from music channels so as BET, VH1, and MTV. Willie Harper was in charge and on January 5, 1988-when she met him he was contracted by MJJ Productions (which was MJ’s) as the director of the interviews. She has met Willie before that they-to her they clicked very well and had chemistry. She felt that he was the one who inspired and gave MJ the idea for the morphed faces in Black/White. You see, what Willie Harper did in the PM Magazine piece on MJ and Tatiana was morphed their faces together starting from her into Michael’s. She felt MJ saw that and liked what he did and that’s why he was (Willie) hired to work with MJ again She got to have creative input with Willie and enjoyed every moment working with him during their 10-hour day hrs. Her ex-Angel got to choreograph the dance sequences.
Keeping Pace with Paula (Abdul):
Juile was also working with Paula Abdul as well. Tatiana had gotten to actually work with Paula in a commercial before and found Paula very sweet. One day while filming the commercial with her Paula had her show another girl on her classical ballet skills along with contemporary dance. They were all impressed by her (Paula was impressed by Tatiana). Paula said to her, ‘You’ll work a lot with moves like that.’ (she said with a big smile)
Tatiana shared how she was aware that Paula was dating Arsenio Hall at this time and would’ve loved if she and Paula got to be sisters-in-laws if they both got to marry a Jackson. According to Tatiana, Paula had dated MJ’s brother Jackie Jackson and if she only got to marry Michael, they would’ve been sisters-in-laws and Tati would have loved that. They both would be “Mrs.Jackson”. Tatiana also helped plugged Paula’s show, “Live to Dance’ in this book.
[Page 80 and 81] Facial Recoginition:
She expresses how began to be scared out of her mind out of the 24 hours a day of starting to she her face, likeness and image everywhere thanks to the video she did with MJ. She began to get followed by people and being recognized everywhere was went. She had her “taste” with fame when she was in Tokyo, Japan, but it was nothing like this! This was now worldwide across from one country to another. While in Hollywood people from all over the globe was now aware of her and now began to be weird and insane to her. She was now being asked for autographs and etc. and also had to deal with the press. She also explains who she got to be in contact or “associated” with Martin Bashire in 2004. She recalls how in 2004, one prominent media involvement tricked her on this one. What happened was it was from during the time MJ’s trial was about to start. This was about around the time she had been working on her ’05 book. She understood that people began to have an “interest” in her because of MJ’s case. The British Broadcasting Company (BBC) contacted her for an interview. They flew her from Miami to New York, and had an female reporter to questioned her. After that was done, people began asking her why on earth did she agree to do an interview with Martin Bashir? She had no clue what they meant? She admitted she has never met Martin Bashir, that’s when she found out what had happened. BBC dubbed Martin Bashir’s voice over the female reporter, with made it look like she was being interview by him. This in truth never happened. BBC knew what they were doing, they had just “manipulated” the situation for what they wanted to present
[Page 82 and 85] Chapter 11: Making It Back to Michael:
Reunited!: Craig (MJ’s stand-in) explained to her that MJ was too shy to call her himself and ask her to visit him on the set of Leave Me Alone so, he asked him to do it for him. Also, she would have to clear this up with MJ’s secretary Joli (Levine). Craig also very much insisted that this “invitation” was 100% directly from Michael. Craig gave her the number to MJ’s office where Joli was, to call her. After she arrived between takes she now hints and wonders if the pictures taken by Sam Emerson (of her and Michael), MJ’s personal photographer-if they weren’t “scripted”. From her exact words, “It may have been “scripted”. Either way, Sam took a full role of film with between she and MJ.
Baby Bad: At a log adjacent to Leave Me Alone, there was Baby Bad set. During a break, she, Miko and Michael all 3 walked over to it. She was glad to be away from Karen Faye who gave her the creeps. Michael she recalls was in grins and seemed very happy. A moment she will never forget. As they reached to the Baby Bad set, MJ said, ‘This is the Baby Bad set, what do you think?’
TY: Oh my god, it’s so adorable, it’s so cute. It’s just like the other set, but smaller; for little people. It’s so cute.’
They all laughed about it. MJ ended up pointing out certain detail things about the set. On the wall the words read, ‘Baby Bad’ instead of ‘Bad’. When she got to see the actual video from Baby Bad, on tv she was able to realize what it was that MJ showed her. She also felt so honored that he had shared this with her even before it became made and shown world wide. She felt and thought it was so sweet that he wanted to share something so near and dear to his heart with her.
[Page 86-88] A Ride with Royalty:
Once she heard the words ‘It’s a wrap!” she knew it was time to go. She remembers that when she arrived to the set that spent $40.00 to get a cab and asked if Miko mind to take her home. Miko told her he would have to clear that up with Michael 1st. But before Miko had the chance to ask Michael, Michael actually approached her by making his way to say goodbye to her. She asked Michael herself, and his eyes lit up with excitement and said to her, ‘Sure, no problem.’ Miko came up to her with an armful of boxes of Super Soakers-large, powerful water guns-that he had just picked up from Michael’s request. Miko asked for her to help carrying them to the car. She carried about 2-3 light boxes into their trunk. As they made their way from the studio to back to the car, Michael was walking following back them. It was Miko who opened the door for her and she got in on the driver’s side of the back seat of the car.
Girl Interrupted: She at some point placed her hand on top of one of Michael’s hand and picked up the other one and put them both in hers and held them very gently. She felt his nervousness-but she was nervous as well. When the phone rang coming from Joli, she removed one of her hands from one of his so that he could grab the phone…When they made it to her door on Orchid Avenue, just up the street from Grauman’s Chinese Theatre, she thanked Michael for being so kind of giving her a ride home. and she thanked Miko as well. (The rest was pretty much exactly the same from the ’05 verison.)
A Dark Tonight Show? It was April 11, 1988 and I came on the show. He kept on insisting and hinting around that there just must be something going on between me and Michael and I kept on repeating the same answer! He would say, ‘So, are you and Michael really dating?’ and I would say, ‘No, we’re not. Our relationship is strictly professional.’ and then he would go, ‘Oh come on!’ So after his “insistence” I just decided to say ‘No, we’re not. Not yet anyway.’-I didn’t know what else to do?! He refused to believe we weren’t dating-so I didn’t know any other way to deal with it. I thought what I said was ok and he made me feel so uncomfortable and nervous, what else could I say? Either way, I later was told that Michael wasn’t happy that I said, ‘Not yet anyway.’ I was so confused, I mean, why? Part of me felt that maybe this person who told me or “claimed” Michael didn’t like my answer was only jealous and saw me as a threat; because other than that I don’t get why he would felt what I said was a problem?

[Page 89] Distrusting Dileo?: On February 18, 1988, in his office in Ventura, around 40 miles Northwest of L.A. I was excited to see Michael and thought I was, but turns out he wasn’t going to be there that day. Frank wanted me to remove my feelings from Michael and I believe he possibly told Michael to remove his feelings from me? Frank also told me that I would be invited to see Neverland one day, but he said it in such a way that gave me an impression nor Michael or Dileo family would be there? Either way, at least he did say I still would be working with Michael and gave me the Bad Tour jacket as an gift. Then he brought up the invitation I got straight from Michael over the audition for his new video Dirty Diana. He disagreed with Michael’s idea of me doing another video with Michael. When the video came out, so many fans thought in fact it was me. To this day many of them still do! [Page 90]This Bad Is Good!: That following week on February 17, 1988, I finally got the confirmation that I was indeed going to work with Michael-just like both he and Frank said. I had been added to the Bad tour. By this time so many people including my agent Julie told there have been rumors everywhere that Michael had feelings for me. For not too long the tabloids would catch up with this story.
Chapter 12: A Taste of Touring: [Page 91] At the Hotel:
On February 22, 1988, I joined the tour in Kansas City. As soon as I got there the 1st person I saw was Miko. We picked up our luggage, and off to the hotel. The hotel staff all were impeccable. They personally escorted me to my room but to the bellman there was horror, my room wasn’t clean. He apologized completely and went to the manager. As I dropped my bags off, Karen Faye and her assistant, Anne Morgan were there viewing it all. I tried to chat with them ’til the bellman came back. The bellman told me that the management were honored to have me and I would be moved to another floor. I was truly honored to been in such a grand hotel and was grateful for how kind they were. He gave me a key that had an elevator access to this floor, with a beautiful corridor and led directly to my suite. This was a private floor and this suite was breathtaking. By the time I went by to L.A., I received news that Karen Faye was claiming I was the one who asked and demanded the suite. What I noticed was Michael’s camp were threatened by my presence. Rehearsal:
Once I was settled in my room, it was time for Kemper Arena and met with my director. This was the PM Magazine piece regarding the tour. The PM Magazine cameras were there when I came off stage, asking me all kinds of questions.
[Page 93] I used Miko’s shoulder, with my eyes crying for the next 5 minutes. Miko kept an watch over me, he kept me company. This all seemed to be his job because he was always there. The Bored Room: When I joined the Kansas City show it was the final night there. I spent most of the time in my hotel room watching movies and being bored. The only person I ever got to speak to or see was Miko. Band members and all of them told me Michael told them not to spend time with me. I took it as meaning on Michael’s part, ‘This is mine. Don’t mess with it!’
[Page 97] Star Gazed:
A woman just walked in front of me as I was watching rest of Michael’s performance. She was blocking my view, as I moved from behind her, she finally turned and said, ‘Oh! Excuse me!’ It turned out to be Diana Ross! I tried to tell her that I often get people telling me that I look just like her, she seemed surprised but said nothing. We just both returned to watch and look at Michael. Now You See Him, Now You Don’t: He was surrounded by a so many people. I just gave up trying to get near him. All I could do was watch the whole thing, but I managed to yell out something to him. 1st I was concerned that he wouldn’t hear me, with so many people surrounding him. Within a few seconds I got to see him look towards me and say thank you back to me. I was so surprised yet happy to hear him speak among the huge crowd of people and he was able to hear me?! [Page 98]
This was the next day and we were now at Madison Square Garden. This would be our 1st date in New York City. I wanted so much to speak with Michael one on one, I wanted an private moment with him. But yes, we did have verbal exchanges during our rehearsals, but that was brief and wasn’t enough for me. With him being the one to not allow anyone but Miko to be around me, it led me to believe he was going to spend time with me. This all played with my mind. and I was still going all these messages and little mentions and comments from him to me. I often tried to ask Miko about Michael and would ask what he was doing. Once a week passed and I still hadn’t got a reply from Joli on my request to speak with Michael, I tried again. She tried to tell me to be real patient and he was real busy. MY First Taste of Tabloids: It was March 4, 1988 and I spent part of my day with Miko in my room. The next day I wrote in my diary, there was this mystery guy who kept on calling me and calling me. He wanted to know what it was like working with Michael, after several attempts of me hanging up on the guy; I eventually did let him speak to me. I answered his question and told him I loved working with Michael and that its great! I found out later that he worked for National Enquirer; and he lied or mis-quoted me. He put in the Enquirer that I said I loved Michael. Yes this was privately true but I wouldn’t tell a stranger that! I in no way told him that. At the same time Michael privately told his mother that he was in love with me. I did the same with my mother and she was the only one who knew at this time.

[Page 99]Catty Chatty: While I was sitting in the make-up chair, I tried to still make nice with Karen Faye. I shared with how many people mention me and Michael looking alike and even the PM Magazine compared the 2 of us. I even asked her opinion of the matter? She had this disgusted look on her face and such negative attitude. and she said, ‘Oh no, you and Michael look absolutely nothing alike. You have completely different looks.’ After she said what she said and the way she said it, I decided to no longer speak with her. It was like she really didn’t want to talk to me? I just didn’t get her problem what so ever. I just got up from that chair and made my way to the bathroom, as I was trying to push the door that swung in, something was pushing the door out? It was Janet Jackson-Michael’s sister! I asked her for a quick picture to be taken together but she said nothing and just stared at me with those big brown eyes and did nothing. I actually admired her work as well but the only thing I can think of for the reason of her attitude was that she was real shy to meet me. I still don’t know?
The Garden Kiss: As I was making my way to the long hallway towards the entrance, I ran into Madonna and she was leaving the stage to take her seat.[Page 100] This time I decided on my own to kiss Michael on the cheek. When I did that, the dancers told me that I made Michael so happy and excited. They said I made his day! I thought it was a good thing. As I made it to the dressing room there were celebs everywhere! There was one reporter who put me and Brooke Shields together, we exchanged some words (pleasantries) and once I noticed LaToya, I went over to her. We talked to each other and then the press caught us and we took a photo of us together. The photo made it in Rolling Stone’s magazine. I saw it as one the coolest photo in my life. The following day with our day off, Miko again was with me and entertaining me and we had lunch and yes, I asked about Michael.
[Page 101-103] Contact with the King:
It was March 5, 1988, got to do another show in New York and afterwards there was an CBS party thrown in honor of Michael. Joli approached me and told me she knew that Michael had feelings for me because he speaks about me often. She was determined to make this talk with Michael to happen for me. As I was in the middle of a luxury bath (relaxing) at the Parker Meridian. The phone rang, it was Joli! She was really rushing I could tell from her voice. She told me immediately to call Michael, but to not take very long because he wasn’t feeling well-he was tired. So when I call him ask for Michael ‘cause Bill will answer it. Bill was Michael’s personal assistant. I was really excited, so excited and nervous my hands were shaking and heart beating so loud, I could hear it! I paced in my room for a little while, then I decided to just get over my nerves and call him. But when I called it wasn’t Bill who answered it-it was Michael! It was so obvious that Michael was waiting by the phone for me to call him. (He knew I was going to call him?.)
[Page 102] After I explained to him how the fans never understood why we never kissed, then I “reasoned” that kissing him would be “a good thing”. The Kiss Heard Around the World:
[Page 103] (This pg. has the complete play by play of what led to “the kiss”, from her grabbing a hold of him by the collar, to him looking into her eyes-biting his bottom lip, to him (or both) landing the kiss on each other lips and then him looking to the audience biting his bottom lip-looking all macho and proud that the 2 kissed and her looking at him “thinking” they did a “great thing” and the 2 maybe an “item” now. Her comment about these pix, ‘Our history-making kiss was Michael’s 1st ever public display of affection. I loved him more than life itself.’)

Tatiana’s 2011 book:
[Page 104] Her favorite article about her kiss with MJ onstage:
This one was from New of the World, Sun day, exclusive:
“Love Shock For Jackson, sexy sizzler drives Michael Wild”.Chapter 15: Leaving for La La Land [Page 110-113]
A Record with the Devil?: This is the way it went: Whenever I would hit a bad note when I was trying to sing on this record with Joshua Thompson (of group Surface); they would turn the lights off, in this claustrophobic booth and used the synthesizer to produce demonic, along with devil like noises and Josh would speak into the mike. Each time they would do that, I couldn’t help but to scream several times because I hated it! Regardless, they wouldn’t stop. They kept continuing with their cruel jokes and eventually they all laughed out loud. Then, I decided to ask them why are they doing this? They told me, ‘That’s what we’re going to do whenever you hit a bad note.’ They claimed this was suppose to help me but I didn’t see any proof in that. Here this was suppose to be an very promising opportunity with the signing record deal with CBS, but all of that crumbled like cake. They wanted to be my producers, however, they were not my idea of good producers-I would want others than them. They wrote the 3 songs I was suppose to do and we only got to one. I didn’t get to have any say in the matter and the song we did do had like an Latin salsa beat and it was called, 99 degrees. Joshua also had the nerve to try and exploit my friendship with Vanity. I asked him to please not to but he didn’t listen. What he did was send a message with her record company in my name and asked her to call me. She returned the message by calling me and I had no clue what was going on? Vanity: My record label said you called., Tati: What? I didn’t call you. Then I finally figured it out what just happened, I was so disgusted with Josh. I didn’t want any part with him and left the whole ordeal. [Page 113] This picture on this page of MJ having his leg upon Tatiana and with him looking right at her, as she looking into the camera and has her arm over his shoulder and his arm is on her side-this pic appeared in the 1988 Michael Jackson Calendar for the month of May. Her comment of this picture, ‘It was still another “close” moment and happy time between us.’

Chapter 17: The Aftermath: [Page 117-131]
My agent Julie finally “kind of” explained to me why I was no longer part of Michael’s tour. She told me I had been only “added”, I wasn’t necessarily “offically” part of the tour. There wasn’t any concrete 100% guarantee that I was always be in this tour. She said I was an “trial”, so therefore she did not need to request for any type of “contract”.
[Page 118] The MTV Travesty: At the VMAs on September 7, 1988. Michael happened to be nominated for an award, however, he wouldn’t be present to accept his award he won. This was because of his tour he was still on. Terri, my manager, told me that MTV’s producers had just received an okay for me to accept the award for Michael. This was from Michael’s camp, I found all of this so odd considering I no longer even work for/with Michael? Terri went with me and took me shopping and helped bought me this really nice white dress for this event. I really felt like I was in a fairytale. When this event arrived and it was time for Michael’s award to be accepted; as I was ready to come onstage…this happened, the announcer said, ‘Since he (Michael) couldn’t be here tonight, as he’s still on tour, we accept this on his behalf.’ Well, I spent money on this dress and spent all this time coming on here for Nothing! They had time to inform me and tell me that they had changed their initial idea-but however they did not tell me at all. Obviously, I was “someone’s” joke.
Tantalizing Tabloids:
By September 14, 1988 there were tabloids running everywhere about me and Michael. There was the Globe with their stories. I must tell you I had never spoken to any European tabloids except for that reporter who had persistence when I was in New York briefly touring with Michael. But Michael, however, had spoken to at least one. My friend Marie Gabriel who had lived in London while all of this was going on, sent me the article that had spoken to Michael. From The Sun, ‘Love shock for Jackson sexy sizzler drives Michael wild.’ I realized that Michael did speak or shared stories with the National Enquirer and that’s how The Sun got their story, they copied what Enquirer originally had with Michael. This is what National Enquirer actually had, ‘Jackson stunned concert fans by locking himself his first public kiss with Thumbtzen. ‘I love her because she’s warm, caring and exciting,’ Michael said.’
[Page 121] Musing with “Mother”: David Banks was always trying to distance me from having any feelings for Michael; he finally presented to me what his “true” intentions were. He always had something negative to say about Michael and always tried to make him look like the bad guy-like Michael was this horrible person who only exploited me for his selfish gain. While I was at the Jacksons house David asked me out on a date. I said, ‘Are you kidding? I’m old enough to be your daughter.’
*I was at the time 27 and he was 45. So I added, ‘Well, how would you like it if an older man asked your daughter out?’
DB: I wouldn’t, TY: I didn’t think so., DB: Well, Peewee, you can’t knock a man for trying.
[Page 122-131] Chapter 18: Residual Ruination: A Really Different World: After thanks to Sinbad’s help and Terri’s (my manager) as well, I was suppose to appear as a guest on the show. This was a part of the deal they made with Terri. I’ll admit when I audition for it, I was totally unprepared and it was one of the worse thing I did to my career. Debbie Allen seemed to me more concern on wanting to know any “sexual” details between me and Michael Jackson. She just asked me one day how big was his “anatomy”, like I knew?! I would never discuss it anyway. I just laughed it off when she asked me. I would often run into the cast of Different World after I did the intro for the show. What got to me was even after my unprepared audition Debbie did promise me and Terri I would have at least an guest appearance-that never did happened? I could feel and sense the energy emanating from Debbie and her friends-something was up and not being said. They would “accidentally” whipped their hair in my face. (Now this happened months later at a nightclub) This happened that night after Debbie told me a producer was looking for me and wanted to work for me but she just couldn’t remember who it was. Hollywood calls this, ‘mind f***k.’ The cast members, you name it about everyone associated to this show pretty much treated me this way whenever I saw them. Eddie Murphy: He’s a very talented man and I met him at a club. One of his guards came to me at my table and introduced himself. He gave me Eddie’s card; we exchanged numbers. We eventually talked on the phone a few days later and then he invited me to a Beverly Hills restaurant. When we were on the phone, and I accidently said Pepsi-he some how sensed I must’ve been still thinking about Michael Jackson-cause he brought it up and he was right. At the restaurant, he was more serious, I kind of was hoping for the funny Eddie. During our date, we did end up talking about Michael again like we did on the phone. This time we talked more about the tour and how it was going seen my sudden absence. Eddie did share with me he personally knew the Jacksons and he and Jermaine have been talking about the things they didn’t like about Michael’s tour-especially the back-up singers doing J-5 material. I didn’t think it was right for me to share my sentiments of especially how I felt about Sheryl Crow replacing me. So I didn’t reply on the subject.
[Page 127] Concert Trauma: (On the last show Michael did in L.A., they all went to the show. Tatiana with the Jackson family and Corey Feldman went on this own and etc.) When it got to the end of the show we were all ready to leave-but not soon enough. What made us want to leave was when Sheryl Crow came strutting doing my part. I wasn’t prepared to see this. I had a hard time seeing her wearing my dress and doing the character I created. I tried to be respectful and realized she just was a performer following orders. Jermaine felt and knew my pain and he was looking right at me, he very kindly asked if I was ok. Then I said something in the effect, ‘No, I’m not.’ I just wanted to leave.
[Page 129] Complaints from the Clan:
Margaret, Jermaine’s girlfriend (at the time)-who became the mother 2 of his sons, said she thought that Frank Dileo was threatened by me and saw his paychecks going through the window. Katherine Jackson agreed with her.
[Page 131] Even though Milli Vanilli did become the brunt of Arsenio Hall’s jokes. He did allow them to sing live on his show. However, my own experience with Arsenio wasn’t such a good one. How can I forget my only one time I met him. As we all are aware of his big long hands and fingers, he squeezed my hands so hard and tightly that I couldn’t help but to muffled out a scream; once I did that he scurried away. A few people were around when this happened. A man even asked me what happened, and if I was ok. I just was so shocked, and tried not to call anymore attention to what just happened. I don’t even get what Arsenio was calling himself doing? I tried not to have any ill-will towards him. God only knows what that was all about.

Chapter 19: Managing Joe Jackson [Page 133 and 134] A Loser Lawyer: Through my ex-Angel, I got an female attorney to help me with the contract. She seemed her main desire or interest was to have her association with the Jacksons. Several years later, after our awkward experience with “working together” and both of us years ago decided to go our separate ways-we met again. It was September 3, 2010, 1st annual Never Can Say Goodbye Event honoring Michael. During that day I went on took photos and shared some kind words to this woman who I vaguely remembered. She went to Majestik and had an brief conversation to him and said, ‘Oh she (meaning me) hates me.’ I was like, I don’t hate anyone?! That’s not what I do, is hate anyone. I was wondering who is this woman? What she is getting at? Then I found out she was the lawyer that I had during that time I was working with Joe. To tell you the truth, I didn’t even recognize her. I say, her conscience was bothering her.
[Page 148] Prince’s Palace: (This was when Tati met Prince on her birthday-at a club with MJ’s stand-in Craig and some of her friends were with her. To make a long story short, she ended the evening with going to his hotel. She now does claim they “dated”.) We went into his living room then he asked if I was hungry. I told him I was. Next thing I know minutes later everything I asked for was ordered in doubles. Prince didn’t eat anything. I don’t get why he ordered tons of stuff then? Maybe he thought I was a pig. Then we eventually were ready for bed. He gave me his pjs to wear and he was wearing a black cat suit with half of the waist missing. With a chain attached to the cat suit that dangled from his waist on one side of him to the other. Then we both curled up like little kittens, and went straight to sleep. I know that’s hard to believe, but truly was as simple and as innocent as that. From what I gathered, Prince didn’t make much sexual overt moves on Madonna either. They dated like in 1985 and she had been quoted of saying, ‘He was just sipping tea, very daintily. I have this theory about people who don’t eat. They annoy me.’ This may have been meant to be a kind comment because in 2007, the two were caught on camera having a hug at an Oscar party. Either way, that night I really wasn’t able to fall asleep. I just couldn’t get over who I was curled in bed with-one of the greatest artist of all times. The public viewed Prince and Michael as musical rivals. To them, Michael was squeaky clean-Peter Pan and Prince being the sexually overt one. They were different as night and day, both geniuses who were interesting to observe. Prince in truth, actually admired and respected Michael. They were friends. Prince only spoke highly of Michael. Few days after I spent the night Prince invited me to a Teddy Riley concert.

[Page 151] Prince seemed to be concerned with the media and how they were going to put their twist on us. He really wanted to show respect for Michael. He even like many, believed there was something going on between me and Michael. In my heart, I wished it would be, but by this time I was hearing negative reports coming from his camp about me. At the same time, people were still reminding me that if Michael really cared why hasn’t he called. David Banks on several occasions when we would have long conversations about what happened to me. David would say, ‘I’m sure he (Michael) has your number. If he really cared, he would call.’ David wasn’t only the co-writer for TWYMMF, but he played the store owner in the video.
Now on to the show, it was incredible and Teddy Riley did an amazing job! Prince admired his work as well. After the show, Prince and I rode around Universal’s very large parking lot. Then he asked if I wanted to drive this limo for fun. I passed on this because I did not have my license at the time. I didn’t want to admit that to him, and I didn’t want to be responsible if the limo had crashed.
Chapter 21: Desperately Seeking DeNiro:[Page 163]
(She ended up having a total of 4 dates with DeNiro-which she claims were all due to thinking/ at least hoping he was going to help her with her now failing career. Does mention how much she wished she had followed her former mentor’s (Antonio Lopez) advice, about staying away from DeNiro-he’s Toukie’s man and he’s trouble. It seems she went on 4 dates with DeNiro that would expand to about 6 months since it began some time about May 1989 into 1990-since they end up going to see Pretty Woman-which was out in 1990.) So we went to see Pretty Woman (1990) and after the film was over, Bobby (Rob DeNiro) was to me unlike the character in the movie, I hadn’t found my prince charming him. I broke off everything with him. It was so obvious now with me that he was not going to help me with the contract was just an enticement to date me. You can call me crazy but I just couldn’t have any feelings with him. And I wasn’t about to just use him or any man that way to further my career. I value my self-confidence, self-esteem, and healthy does of self-respect-along with my virtues. With tons of pride, tempered with humility, I didn’t mind being determined to meet my success on my own. I got out of his Mercedes and didn’t look back.
[Page 168 and 169] Chapter 22: On Stage Again With Michael: Insincerely Yours: (On pg. 168 is the picture of her and MJ from the last time the 2 would ever see each other. Her comment regarding this picture and moment, ‘Michael and I reunited on stage at the BRE awards in 1989. This was when I had just presented him with the very heavy award statuette.’) When Michael’s speech was over, he abruptly walked off the stage-leaving me alone. This did not look good to the audience. I just stood there for a little while dumbfounded. With the audience’s disapproving sighs by Michael’s actions, broke my trance. They saw what he did as rudeness on his part. If this was on TV; perhaps he would not have left me on the stage alone. This was all odd to me, he acted like he wasn’t aware I was going to be there. He expressed how surprised and happy to see me. Ingrid Woodson, confirmed to me that he was aware and approved it. Once the curtains passed out of the view of the audience, his security surrounded him quickly, it was as if they were shielding him from anyone to try and approach him. He soon was completely out of view. Completely gone. Outside of the theatre I saw the large trailer that was for him, roped off by his team. I saw Mr.Browne and waited with him, I shared with him how bad I really wanted to talk to Michael. I expressed how he had been whisked away where I couldn’t talk to him. Ben encouraged me to go for it! So I tried to build up my courage and determination to speak to him and not let this opportunity slip through my hands. I wanted so badly to find out what happened, why I was “let go” from the tour-and been replaced. What I had done to have this happened? (If any of you have read the ’05 book, she pretty shares the same story. So I decided to stop there-but tomorrow I will post more on what Ingrid Woodson-the lady who invited Tati to the BRE awards explains in more detail why MJ acted the way he did.)

[Page 172-174]Demystifying Michael:
Ingrid Woodson spoke with me on the phone on why things went the way it did between Michael and me. She told me it had a lot to do with his publicist Bob Jones. Bob admitted to her that he had some concerns about me being involved with presenting Michael an award. Ingrid admitted she had to “reason” with Bob, saying it would be a nice thing if I showed up and presented Michael an award especially since we had worked together. From what I’ve been told, it would validate his masculinity to those who doubted it, trashing him as being weird. Many have said (especially fans) that we’re a perfect match. Bob eventually went along with the presentation as long as I wouldn’t speak to Michael. I didn’t get what Bob Jones was getting at. After all, I never met the man, he knew nothing about me and I knew nothing about him. But irony would set in years later, because by 2004 and during Michael trial Bob would turn on him and made a book criticizing Michael. Ingrid’s information helped me. Michael did know before I presented the award that I would be there. But oddly he would repeat at the show that he was surprised to see me and that he had no idea I would be there. I knew he wasn’t sincere by what he said. I hated to think of him in this light. But this was the reality of it. Not only did he know, he approved it as well-but as long as I had nothing to say to him. By the time I arrived to the show Ingrid gave me the missing pieces of what was said about me while I was there. ‘Michael doesn’t want to see or speak to Tatiana before the show.’ I was truly thankful for Ingrid.
[Page 173 and 174]The Rumor Mill: So many rumors were floating around. They were completely untrue. I supposedly stalked Michael, and that his security had to step in and pull me away from his limo. It was so bad that I couldn’t help but to think this person must have taken this storyline from Dirty Diana video. Rumors of me being a high class call girl. A nasty rumor and not true what so ever. That I written sexually vulgar letters to Michael. If I had, I don’t think his own mother would have encouraged me to send them. She read them herself. These rumors began after I was let go from his tour for the next two years and then they came back again after his passing. These rumors came from his fans all around the world. Some fans shared with me the correspondence of Ms.Karen Faye. She was exposed as the source of these such rumors. If those letters were authentic, then it would be consistent by Ms.Faye’s behavior with me all those years. Another who that’s recent allegedly told by Ms.Faye is that I slept with Lenoard Rowe a man who is a family friend of the Jacksons and concert promoter. I hadn’t met Rowe until the day of Michael’s funeral and burial. I never had such a romantic relationship with this man. I’ve been celibate for two years now I’m so happy to say-along with during this time I was writing this book. I still sent Michael a birthday gift right after the BRE event.

Chapter 23: Chasing the Wind: The Wild One:
About 3 months after the BRE event, I tried to get my mind off of it and stepped into the nightlife. This was the summer 1989, so I often went to the Roxbury club in L.A. I came across with Jaime Foxx and Bobby Brown on 2 different occasions. As I was walking through the club I felt a hand on my butt-it was Mr.Bobby Brown. I told him, ‘Excuse me.’
BB: Hey, it’s all bout da money.’ he mumbled in his Ghetto slang.
I asked, ‘Didn’t you just get married.’
BB: It’s all ’bout da money baby.
Then I just walked away. On another wild night at this club, men had been pulling and tugging me all night long it seemed. Then someone grabbed my arm, I turned around and it was Jaime Foxx. I just snapped my arm back and turned and walked away. Looking back I probably should have handled the way I tried them a bit better than I did. In August that was when I arranged with Katherine to send a gift to Michael. Jermaine’s girlfriend Margaret came over and picked it up and putted it in her jeep. (that was the gift she had of Marlon Brando life size portrait of him from film, The Wild One.) Facing the Ugly Facts: [Page 177]
As for all the changes Michael had went through surgically, I can only feel a bit of sadness that something or someone caused him to feel inadequate. In my eyes, he was always the most beautiful man I’ve ever seen! Painful Puberty: [Page 178]
In the last decade of Michael’s life there was a big change in not just his looks (with surgical enhancement) but his spirit as well. He seemed sad and losted to me. He changed to a point of being barely recognized. By this point in my life I had very few and fewer auditions. I was in a very odd position. It was like an catch-22 thing. People saw me as some celebrity but I wasn’t big enough and to my credit it was not building. Everywhere I went fans knew my name but with casting agents couldn’t seem to get pasted the ‘Michael Jackson Girl’ view.

Tatiana 2011 book: [Page 179, 181-182] From Miller to Thriller:
Since Michael had also worked with Ola Ray before me, in the Thriller video; I had for years wondered what it was like for her and if we shared similar experiences. I always imagine it would be amazing to personally meet her and share stories. I was so curious, but after Michael’s passing, I no longer feel that way. I feel my experiences with Michael-while I worked with him were unique.

Tatiana Goes to Jail-in South Korea!: I was part of this show that included Michael and Janet Jackson lookalikes. When we had flown to South Korea since we were scheduled to perform in this city of Pusan. This promoter of ours ran off with our money! We were stuck with the hotel bill, we barely had any money between us to buy some food to eat! The security followed us as we went to buy some food; as it turned out we became hostages! This was crazy. We tried to escape. By 5 am we tried to snuck through the lobby, got busted! The Michael Jackson impersonator threw down some real karate on the bellman. Anyhow, they motioned us to go ahead and leave. As we were on our way out, cops were pulling up, and we were all arrested! We were taken to the police precinct and we had 14 grueling and stressful hours to deal with. The investor eventually came and bailed us out. He paid the hotel bill and all other expenses. He eventually took us to a 5-star restaurant where we got to eat a wonderful meal. Since we already at least have her plane tickets, he didn’t have to pay for that. All I can say, Karma is a bitch!

The Wizard of Oz [Page 182]: Michael’s mother heard of my hard times and gave me $50 through Majestik. I felt that at least Michael’s mom really did care for me. I also sensed-perhaps, she felt frustrated that she couldn’t do anything to really help me-especially with her son Michael to talk with me. I guess, it was harder for her than I could realize. As his mother maybe she just didn’t want to push him. You’ll never know.

[Page 194 and 195] This is about when she appeared on Maury Povich show during MJ’s late 1993 into early 1994 scandal with the ugly Chandler family: The panels who had worked with Michael were security guards who worked with him when he still lived in the Jackson’s family home in Encino. In fact, they were involved in a lawsuit against the Jacksons-as well. They told these stories about Michael and young boys as his guest at the house. This proved I was out of my realm. I couldn’t add or say anything on this topic. The security guards didn’t mind saying I never visited the house when Michael still lived in the Jacksons’ family house. What can I say, they were right! I became a visitor after Michael just moved out of there. Then when I blurted out that Michael and I were dating and his mother at least confirmed he had feelings for me. This happened around the same time when Jermaine came on BET and answered, ‘Yes, yes, yes. There was Tatiana who he was very close to.’ In fact, their mother Katherine revealed to the world that Michael told her that he loved me angered the other panelist because they were on a mission to have Michael as an gay, pedophile, and asexual man.
[Page 195-198] MJ’s Not Gay!:
His own mom confirmed this fact (of him having feelings for me) not only to me-myself, but to the world. I tried to write to Oprah, in hopes that she would do a story on all other women that he worked with-which would include me. No response from Lady O. This surprised me. She seemed pretty distanced from Michael during this ugly time in his life?. But years later she had Lisa Marie (his ex-wife) and even his parents and children on her show-those were all positive lights on Michael. I could even relate to LMP.
Tabloid Trash
It’s so obvious that the media never really treated Michael right-or even those associated to him. They wanted me to be against him and was using me for it. I was their scapegoat-that’s what they wanted from any female connected to Michael. It would help keep him in their “image” of Michael as gay, pedophile and asexual. Some people even asked me why even do that story with the Star? It helped me to feel guilty about it. Even Prince-the man I dated, was one of them.

Chapter 28: Just Married: Lisa Marie Presley, Leave It to the Lord:
[Page 201] Whatever reason, it wasn’t mean to be (between me and Michael) in this life. I do believe in destiny, and as much as I loved and adored him, something always pushed us a part. I’ve tried not to regret anything, there’s always something to learn in all things. One should never regret a lesson. Really mistakes are blessings. Everything has a reason and a rhyme in this life.
Chapter 29: Life and Learning, The Prostitute Panel: [Page 203]
The only author with a legitimate story besides mine on Once More With Feeling was Jennifer Young. The others just may’ve had legitimate stories also, but nothing like ours. This didn’t hit me until we had our book tour. I had to say to myself, ‘What the Hell am I doing?’ While sitting on this panel with openly admitting prostitutes. I’m not trying to have anything against them, however, I was in wrong company for certain. I was thinking, ‘Will I ever the right forum to tell my story?’ I was so mad at myself for just settling for my deal. So, that’s exactly what I did, settled! The reason why I did it because I thought any deal is better than no deal! Well, I found out that wouldn’t be true. I still had so much to learn. I had to sit back and wait for the right opportunity to come along-at the right time. Life’s Lessons: With me trying to be head strong all throughout my career all backfired on me. I was in wrong company, during the promotion of this “prostitute panel”. We were on camera for a high profile entertainment show. While the camera was focused on me they said, ‘former call girls’, giving an obvious title that I was a former call girl!
[Page 204 and 205] Here, I went to do this book deal with an headstrong belief to finally tell my story the way I wanted. Personally knowing Margaret (Jermaine’s ex-girlfriend) reassuring me that it was a great deal. I felt that I was in good hands with Allstate. But, now…I don’t blame her. I did sue that entertainment show for claiming I was a former prostitute. They settled out of court. With my attorney they had sent me a threat saying that I will never work in Hollywood town again. They didn’t realize, “someone” had “black-listed” me long time ago. However, it was never nice to have to hear that type of talk. They called me derogatory name and threatened to ruin my career, that has been done already-hasn’t it?
Principal Lessons: [Page 205] It was so hard to have to see articles and books I was affiliated with misrepresent me by completely misquoting me or quoting me out of context-mainly just lying.
Chapter 30: Home Sweet Home, Clearer Waters: All I could kept on thinking about to myself: if people only knew the confusion, turmoil, stress, pain, lies, rumors, and corruption that took place between Michael and me,or the slander against me. Would people still consider me “lucky”? I don’t see that.
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Talking about the events relating to Michael's passing and attending his funeral, Excerpt from Tatiana's book "King of My Heart"

When I was told that Michael had passed (it seemed that Tatiana had been working at an restaurant as a waitress) I almost fell to the floor. It was until I was flipping from one channel to the next. Then, it finally hit me. I completely lost it. When I spoke to my friend Iris that next day, she said I should eat something. I told her I wanted vodka to calm me down. She bought me 2 small bottles of vodka, but suggested for me to eat some soup. I ate some soup, she also bought me my favorite candies, twizzlers. During the next 2 weeks I had sharp pains in my chest; I thought I was going to have a heart attack. I was having sharp pains in my chest. I ended up praying for God to take me. Then that next morning when I woke up and realized I was still here, I actually said, ‘Are you kidding me? Must I, another day?’

[Page 213] Around 2 weeks before the funeral I called Majestik, who was helping Mrs.Jackson pack to go to London. Aware we wanted to speak to each other he put her on the phone.
TY: Hi Mrs.Jackson. How are you doing?
KJ: Oh hi, how are you?
She went immediately to Michael-he was mainly in her thoughts.
KJ: They didn’t treat him right here.
TY: I know.
Then I got very emotional and began crying.

From Larry King to the King of Pop: After possibility for me to pay my respects, Mr. and Mrs.Jackson invited me to the funeral and family friend Majestik picked me up. Michael Joseph Jackson was finally laid to rest on September 3, 2009. Memories stirred with emotions came as I approached the house. It had been 20 years! I lost it at the gate. It hurt so badly.
Majestik: C’mon T, pull it together.
When we went inside I didn’t see Katherine, she was upstairs, so I was told. She didn’t come out til the service. Joe hugged me, after then family and friends sat together. There was silence, prompted Joe to say, ‘It’s too quiet here!’ He handed me the remote. I confessed, ‘Oh, you handed it to the wrong person. I don’t know how to work these things!’
Everybody laughed. Then the phone rang. Joe answered and turned it to Majestik. ‘You have to go and do that Larry King piece.’ Majestik turned to me. ‘Let’s go. You’re coming with us.’ Majestik said to me.
[Page 214] From CNN to the End: Angel Howansky, Joe’s publicist introduced me and Firpo Carr. After the Larry King piece with Leonard Rowe the group headed to Michael’s final resting place in Forrest Lawn.
Memorial Service: My mind drifted while sitting back to the Bad Tour days, with Corey Feldman, Alfonso Riberio, Margaret Maldonado, Rebbie, Michael’s bodyguards, and Mrs.Jackson all said that Michael loved me; talked about me regularly; even considered marrying me. As I found them and began to make my way through down the row I heard someone say ‘That’s the girl from one of his videos.’ I looked up and saw Chris Tucker sitting on the end of the row. Our eyes met as I made my way to my seat. When I sat down I tapped his shoulder. I began to choke up, ‘Hello, I always wanted to meet you…’ Chris, ‘Yes, I know, but under different circumstances.’ I really appreciated his consideration as I understood he was hurting too. I saw Kenny Ortega. Our eyes locked. I could see his pain welled up in his eyes. As if we said together, ‘What an awful day. What an awful 1st circumstance under which we meet. What an awful thing we have to share.’ I stumbled slightly but someone caught me. When I made it to the coffin, I reached out to touch it. I spoke to him with my mind. While I was doing this something interrupted it. Someone snapped a photograph. People immediately chewed him out. After things calm down I turned back to the coffin. After my thoughts I tried to pull out a flower, but couldn’t. A hand pulled it out and handed it to me.
[Page 216] Way out of the mausoleum I saw Katherine. She was standing by the balcony-like structure. Several women were hovering around her. One of them being Rebbie, I gave her a hug. Katherine was distraught to go into mausoleum. Frozen with grief. I came to her and hugged her and told her I loved her. When I released and pulled back, I brushed against her ear and knocked her earring off. I tried to pick it up and handed back to her and apologized for my grief-with my clumsiness. She kindly accepted it, while dealing with her own grief. Linking Up With Lisa: After the funeral the cars all went to a restaurant in Pasadena, several miles from Forest Lawn in Glendale, California, less than 10 miles from L.A. It was like everyone was there. This was where I met a brief introduction to Lisa Marie Presley. Rebbie introduced us. I was sitting down and Lisa and Rebbie were standing nearby. Rebbie: This is Tatiana.
Lisa gave me a pleasant nod of acknowledgement and bowed slightly as she reached down to shake my hand. We locked eyes, and then I said, ‘It’s a pleasure to meet you.’ She responded with strong silent stare, after which she and Rebbie returned to their conversation as I floated in and out of the fact Michael was gone. I didn’t enjoy myself for one moment.

[Page 218-220] Back to Encino: I asked to be taken home. Leonard Rowe fully understood this request, & saw it that our driver took us back to the Encino house. There I met Paris, Michael’s little girl, for the very 1st time. She was told I ‘was the girl with the golden brown hair that danced with your father in the video, TWYMMF, her eyes lit up. She took a deep joyful sigh. Paris: Oh! Wow! Really?!
With her radiant smile brought unanticipated warmth to my heart.
TY: Come here Sweetie & give me a hug.
Paris caressed me around my waist & squeezed so gently. If felt like if Michael was hugging me through her. I was surrounded by Mrs.Jackson. She tried to be strong for everyone, she was still completely distraught. To soothe my pain, I drew portraits of Michael & presented it in a fame to Mr.& Mrs.Jackson. They appreciated it & placed them in the Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 museum. Leonard took me home.
Loose Ends & Letting Go: A woman named Lorraine said she knew Michael just before his passing. She was now working with an artist who was doing a tribute to Michael, & was inviting me to be a part of this event. She wanted to meet me before that, so she invited me to see This Is It at the Archlight Hollywood at the Cinerama Dome. This was the final week of the film in theaters. We met at a restaurant inside the complex & had drinks prior to the movie. She told me he had just spoken about me on June 19, 2009, a week before he passed. My mouth dropped open. She wanted me to know that I was one of the 4 main women he really loved. The other 3 were Tatum O’Neal, Brooke Shields, & Lisa Marie Presley. Then dropped a bombshell: She told me I was still in Michael’s heart & he still loved me! She felt I should know that. She shared that when he heard I was dating DeNiro-& heard there were pictures of us dating-it crushed & broke Michael’s heart. I told her, ‘No, I never took pictures with DeNiro!’ I just lost it. She also told me that he left Jehovah’s Witnesses just before he met me, & loved that I said-& still do say ‘God bless you.’ While the movie was about to began thinking of all she just told me, I cried during entire film. I was truly hurt to hear about DeNiro when nothing ever really happened with me & him. I just couldn’t wait to get out of there. I was literally sick for the next couple of days & had to leave work. She told me, ‘I can tell you that whenever he sang Liberian Girl he thought of you.’ I couldn’t tell how much pain I could endure. Fans had pointed out to me about the Glenda Tapes. Glenda was a good friend of Michael’s, & taped loads of conversations between them. Michael was unaware of this. One tape was heard of him saying, ‘Sam says Frank [Dileo] is trying to get Tati[Tatiana] in trouble…’ It was so clear to me now that Frank truly was trying to get between Michael & me. Hearing those words were reliving that nightmare. Throughout the years I heard lots of people saying Michael was depressed after I was “let go” from the tour. Ingrid Goodsend was one of those. Even Firpo Carr told me recently he heard the same thing.

[Page 220] Around August 2010 a certain Cindy J. who also worked with Michael said when she would bring up my name, there was regret in his voice. None of this helped me. I received unanticipated comfort when Majestik & I were together just shortly after the funeral. Stevie Wonder called Majestik; when Stevie heard I was with Majestik, he asked to speak to me. It was very consoling; he offered some kind words of encouragement.
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Tatiana and Frank Dileo had breakfast together a few months after Michael's passing where he talked about why she was fired, Excerpt from Tatiana's book "King of My Heart"

[Page 211-213] A Frank Encounter: It was a weird coincidence that I ran into Frank Dileo in L.A. about a month or 2 after Michael’s passing. I never understood how I was “fired” from the tour, I thought this was a good chance to find out how this happened. I wanted some clarification, closure on how everything ended. We arranged to have breakfast together and just ask: I heard Karen Faye put out a rumor that I was “fired” from the tour. Why was I “fired”?
Frank Dileo: “You were never “fired”? You were never fired. We were negotiating. You wanted $5,000 a show, and Michael wasn’t going to pay that. Michael was cheap.”
TY: “What! Are you kidding me! I wasn’t asking $5,000 a show. I was happy with the $1,000; happy to be part of the show. I knew nothing about the negations. That was my agent.”
FD: “Well, Michael was cheap, and he wasn’t going to pay that.”
TY: “Why would Karen Faye say such a thing? What was wrong with her? What’s her problem? Why is she attacking me?”
FD: “Ah, she’s crazy. She thought she was married to Michael. She’s getting ready to write a book.”
So, that was it. I got some of my answers. I still don’t hold any hatred towards Julie my former agent, Frank, Karen Faye or anyone who played a part in separating Michael and me.
A Final Thought: ‘With Michael my love it was ever so nice; now begins a new chapter in life.’
The Complete End.
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1987/88 Tatiana Thumbtzen
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