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 The Bodyguards, 2007-2009

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The Bodyguards, 2007-2009 Empty
PostSubject: The Bodyguards, 2007-2009   The Bodyguards, 2007-2009 Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 6:32 am

Q: If you were the only people working for Michael at that time who did the cooking? I read somewhere I think it was Teddy Riley or Akon said that Michael would cook for his children when the recorded songs in London.

- MJ did prepare meals for his kids.

Q: So he cooked or opened a tv dinner?

- lol…Cooked

- We called MJ SIR and he would say “you guys dont have to call me SIR” we would then say ok SIR, he started laughing.

Q: Did he ever pull pranks on anyone?

- Yes, he did pull pranks and we will mention in book.

- Oh yes, we will have many stories about MJs sense of humor, he laughed alot and joked around. He once gave security some

food but before he did he put exstremly, exstremly HOT PEPPERS on the food and watched security run around looking for water.

Q: Did you guys ever just kick back, drink some beers and watch the superbowl, NBA Championship, World Series or Stanley Cup?

- He pretty much had every movie ever made (LOL) while we were away in Virginia, somewhere deep, deep, deep in the woods we sometimes kicked back and watched a few movies together….he had the loudest laugh…good times.

Q: I know that Michael knew how to drive, but I am curious to know if Michael would drive while you were working for him.

Would hope in the driver side and just drive?

- The only car MJ drove (on my watch) was the bumper cars at the amusment park.

Q: Please ,can you tell me if Michael always have sad eyes?In “This is it”, i saw this, sadness in his eyes … i’m wrong?

- He was sad alot.

- Now I said he was sad alot, but there were many times he laughed until it hurt. He laughed so loud while watching a movie and ppl were saying “dude shut up” they didnt know it was MJ.

Q: Oh, so did he go to the cinema to watch the movie?

- Yes we took him and the kids to regular movies, though no one knew he was there( thats cause my team is good) He and his children laughed, smiled and played alot…..outside of his children MJ was sad and hurt from being accussed of those things, he had to defend himself, where in the HELL was his so called music & hollywood friends?! Its ok because in my book I’m going to put them ALL on blast!!

Q: Bill, it was known in the past that Michael loved to talk on the phone! Did he still talk on the phone for hours and hours?

- $3,000 monthly cell phone bill, What do you think?

MJ’s Bodyguards One day while driving MJ said he would love to just walk into a bar and say” Bartender give me a Beer”…..on the anniversary of his passing I’m going to do just that! In his Honor!
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The Bodyguards, 2007-2009
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