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 Sam L Parity on the Dangerous recordings 1990-1991

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Sam L Parity on the Dangerous recordings 1990-1991 Empty
PostSubject: Sam L Parity on the Dangerous recordings 1990-1991   Sam L Parity on the Dangerous recordings 1990-1991 Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 7:30 am

I guess I should mention at this point that Michael is an awful driver. He hit everyone’s car in the studio lot at least once, including mine. One time, he rear-ended a guy on the 101 freeway, and just left the scene because the guy got out of his car and started screaming at him. Eventually, he gave up and got someone to drive him in to work every day.

Other memorable experiences include calling Tower Records (RIP) an hour before they closed, and having them shut down early so that Michael and I could go shopping. Even thought it was just up the road, I was glad to get out of MJ’s car and into the safety of the store! I think he dropped about $1500 on CDs that night.

Anyway, one day Michael shyly asked me if I could do him a special favor. I’m pretty sure this was after he stopped driving, so I guess he really didn’t have any other way to get stuff during the day. Of course I agreed, which was when he told me flat-out that he had just run out of underwear.

For pretty much the whole two years that I worked with him, Michael came in every day wearing black dress pants and a red button-down shirt. He had a whole rack of just these two items in his office, which I assume he either had cleaned and returned to him, or just threw away at the end of the day. But on this particular day, I guess he was running low on drawers.

At first, he just said that he wanted underwear. When I asked him what kind, he just repeated “Underwear!” When I told him I wasn’t his mother and didn’t know what to get, he kind of laughed, and then said “Hanes thirty please.” When I was almost out the door however, he came running up and yelled “make them thirty-twos, I don’t want them to be too tight!” So there it is folks. The King of Pop wears tightie-whities!
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Sam L Parity on the Dangerous recordings 1990-1991
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