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 Jermaine Meets Michael's Fans In Turkey

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PostSubject: Jermaine Meets Michael's Fans In Turkey   Jermaine Meets Michael's Fans In Turkey Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 7:57 am

Jermaine Jackson met some of the Turkish fans during his short visit in Istanbul and talked about his beloved brother Michael

Jermaine Jackson was in Turkey during the last few days to participate in the Istanbul Fashion Week organization. During his visit, representatives of the MJ TurkFan and Ateşli Topuklar (Official MJ Dance Group in Turkey) managed to get two consecutive appointments from him and talked extensively on a number of issues surrounding Michael’s untimely passing and some future projects to perpetuate Michael’s legacy. Unfortunately I was not there- noone invited or informed me beforehand- but they kindly sent me a transcription of the interview. It was very long so I have decided to make a somewhat comprehensive summary:

Jermaine is interested to know more about the MJ fan community here in Turkey so the interview begins with a brief introduction of what the community stands for and has been doing thoughout the years: MJ TurkFan is the one and only official Michael Jackson Fan Club in Turkey which has been operational since 2001. It has organized many activities and events to promote Michael’s genius, massive talent and legacy. Particularly after the creation of the dance group, the events became more visible and effective. The tribute dance show *One More Dance* was a 22-minute choreography which was performed in the biggest shopping mall of İstanbul in front of numerous spectators. The aim of the group is to institutionalize – and if possible, internationalize- the *One More Dance* performance and convert it into a charity event to raise funds for children- as Michael would have wanted it to be.

Apparently, the main reason why Jermain is in İstanbul is not Fashion Week. He explains to the Turkish fans present there at the interview that he is planning to launch an international cafe chain similar to the Hard Rock Cafe concept: The Jackson 5 Cafe! And that the first of these cafes will be opened here in İstanbul! He came to Turkey to conduct some feasibility studies on the location where the first Jackson 5 Cafe is due to be opened. Jermaine also explains that henceforth, he will be coming to Turkey more often.

The Turkish fans also ask Jermaine whether This Is It – Part 2 will be produced based on the fact that there are thousands of footages which were not included in This is It. Jermaine answers affirmatively saying that the second part will probably be made too.

Jermaine explains that The Jacksons kept recording songs thoughout 90s too but they did not receive any offer from any recording company to release an album. That’s why there is plenty of unreleased material by the Jacksons. Jermain says that the Jackson brothers are preparing for a new round of concerts. Each concert will be divided into two parts: they will be performing the old songs in the first part. Then before the second part begins, they will raise their hand pointing the sky and thank Michael for what he has done for us, everyone. Then during the second part, they will be singing Michael’s songs, such as Gone Too Soon, Lady In My Life, Human Nature, She’s Outta My Life, Beat It, Black or White, Wanna be Startin’ Something and Jam.

Jermaine mentions the legendary Motown 25, Yesterday, Today, Forever performance too and how Michael fascinated everyone. He says, “I suggested doing our part extemporaneously and we all agreed” then I asked Michael if he had been preparing for his solo show. He simply said, “No, I will just go on the stage and do whatever I can” and then came his unforgettable Billie Jean performance. Jermaine concludes his words in the following way: I believe Michael had a God-given gift. Some people say Justin Timberlake is the new Michael Jackson. This must be a joke. Noone can be like Michael Jackson. His gift was given by God and I think he made use of this gift in the best way possible.

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Jermaine Meets Michael's Fans In Turkey
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