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 Michael Jacksons visit to the Louvre

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PostSubject: Michael Jacksons visit to the Louvre   Michael Jacksons visit to the Louvre Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 9:22 am

Michael Jacksons visit to the Louvre 217255_198906506813976_110570722314222_455572_8068794_n

Someonewhom we'll call MD was working for the Louvre. One day, he received a telephone call asking: "Could you arrange for Michael Jackson for a private visit to the museum?" Of course he could! And this experience marked him for life.

On arrival Michael was joined by his two children and bodyguards. MD did not know what to expect. He had received stars like Mick Jagger or Bruce Willis or many politicians demanding a personalized visit to the museum.
This latter star was really quite different because Michael Jackson had the soul of a child. He amused himself on the escalators, trying to descend while they were going up. He would run in the hallways, playing hide and seek.

"He was always smiling and nice to everyone," says MD, "I've never seen anyone like him." "He also had a very sensitive nature. When he liked a work of art he was so moved he began to cry. When I showed him the Mona Lisa, he burst into tears and we had to take a break while he recuperated his wits."

"He had a really immense and incredible charisma," remembers MD. "And let me say that I was there making small hand movements like a child. (not sure if he's talking about waving goodbye here) Michael Jackson sat in the back seat of his taxi, and gestured goodbye to me, as if I was his best friend. I immediately became a fan. That was truly an extraordinary human being."
-Now MD belongs to a different museum.
He is remembering the image of empty corridors of the Musée du Louvre where Michael Jackson will never come to run again
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Michael Jacksons visit to the Louvre
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