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 Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories

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PostSubject: Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories   Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories Icon_minitimeMon Jul 23, 2012 11:38 am

All credit goes to Terrastories

Inside Neverland Ranch

Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch is up for auction next week. Bearings has gained access to the ranch, and has posted the images below.

As an aside, I personally believe Jackson is innocent of all charges. I speak as someone who has been on Jackson’s Neverland Ranch. It’s a bit disconcerting to think that I stand in solidarity with Geraldo Rivera, but what can ya do?

Many images I am not posting, out of respect for Jackson’s privacy. What I do post are places that were largely seen by the public (or at least by hordes of kids who count it a privilege to have been on “the Ranch.”) Whether or not you believe he’s innocent, one can still appreciate the beauty of Jackson’s vision in creating such a place. None of us should ever lose our sense of wonder and amazement at the world, and I think Jackson truly wanted children to have this, largely because he never had it as a child himself.

Without further ado, here are the photos.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 22182210
The train station at Neverland Ranch, taken on Kodak T-Max 100 speed film. Taken using a Tachihara large format field camera.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 23062110
The ferris wheel – What I would give to have a ride on this puppy.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 21466510
The classic, 50-foot carousel. Each horse and character seemed to be unique.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 23173510
The bumper car tent.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 22176810
Statues near the front gate with aspen behind.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 22081810
The Neverland clock at the main train station. I believe the time was accurate.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 21410610
Ride designed exclusively for Michael Jackson. These were the controls for the bumper cars.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 22117310
The front gate of Neverland Ranch.

Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories 22081811
A lithograph of Michael Jackson with children at the front gate.

More pictures at: http://www.terrastories.com/bearings/albums/album/72157603558879859/Neverland.html
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Inside Neverland Ranch Terrastories
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