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 The Private Homevideos (2003)

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MJ- Michael as the narrator
Michael- Michael in the video clips

[Billie Jean Intro]

MJ: Many people are wondering, why would I put my private, private home movies on television? Well… I thought it was time to do so because many people have opinions about me and they haven’t even met me. They don’t even know me [smiles]. So, I thought it was time to open up, to show them who I really am. I’m just simply… Michael Jackson.

[Brace Yourself plays to Carmina Burana’s O Fortuna]

Host: This is the Michael Jackson the world knows, the legendary superstar who’s been at the forefront of the music industry for virtually his entire life. One of the most electrifying performers the world has ever seen. He’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars for charity and sold more than two hundred million albums. But who is Michael Jackson when he’s not in the spotlight? You’ll find out in the next two hours as you are allowed an unprecedented look into the personal life of one of the world’s greatest entertainers.

[Brace Yourself reaches an end; ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ plays with clips of the documentary appearing]

Host: You’ll see Michael at home with his children and travelling with his most intimate friends. You’ll be allowed inside the gates of Neverland for a reunion with the Jackson family and share personal, never before seen moments between Michael and some of the world’s biggest celebrities: Eddie Murphy, Elizabeth Taylor, Michael Jordan, Macaulay Culkin, Chris Tucker and… Princess Diana. All tonight on Michael Jackson’s Private Home Movies: The King of Pop Up Close and Personal.

MJ: As far back as I can remember I’ve been in front of the camera, not just the TV cameras, but I’m talking about my family taking home movies of me when I was really, really little.

[Clip of Gary and the Jackson house]

MJ: We lived in Gary, Indiana. My father worked in the steel mills and er, we lived on a street called Jackson Street. Coincidentally, that was the name of the street.

[Clip labelled 1964]

MJ: Imagine, nine kids living in a two bedroom house and er, waiting in line to take baths and that’s a snowball fight, I think.

[Scene of brothers playing in the snow]

MJ: Wrestling in the snow. That’s me on the far… right. I don’t want nothing to do with it, hmhmhmhmhm… [laughs]. They were pretty rough and er, that’s me, I’m freezing. Think that’s Tito on the ground.

[Clip of brothers performing]

MJ: This the living room, where we had all the furniture and I remember, we would dance and perform. We loved it! You can see the smile on my face. I loved it. And um, my father was standing right in front of us and making sure we did everything just right.

[Scene of Katharine holding baby Janet]

MJ: That little girl that my mother is holding is Janet, who is now Mrs Rhythm Nation hmhmhmhm… [laughs]. And er…

[Scene of people dancing]

MJ: …that’s a party! We played a lot of parties. We’re actually performing the music that they’re dancing to. That’s the guitar. If you look at the back, you can see me spinning around right there. And my mother made all of our costumes. We did parties, we… [pauses] opened shopping centres. We did any kind of thing, you know. We travelled, travelled, travelled, constantly, every night.

MJ: … das ist eine Party! Wir veranstalteten eine Menge Partys. Wir spielten sogar die Musik, zu der sie da getanzt haben. Das ist die Gitarre. Wenn Sie in den Hintergrund schauen, können Sie mich dort herumwirbeln sehen. Und meine Mutter hatte all unsere Kostüme hergestellt. Wir machten Partys, wir… [macht eine Pause] eröffneten Shoppingzentren. Wissen Sie, wir machten alles Mögliche. Wir reisten, reisten ständig, jede Nacht.

Life on Tour

MJ: The record company usually like for you to support your album and go on tour and er, [smiles] I don’t like to. I do like relating to the fans, giving the fans a chance to see you face to face…

[Scene of Michael with fans]

MJ: …as you go from Hong Kong to Africa to…

[Clip of Michael in India being presented with flowers around his neck and moving to the drums being played for him]

MJ: …China to Brazil, you know, to Singapore, Switzerland, London, Paris, Russia and the stadiums are just jammed and the energy is great.

[Scene of fans in audience doing a wave]

MJ: It’s fantastic and we have er, I mean I don’t know how they enjoy the show.

[Clip labelled Wembley Stadium 1988]

MJ: This… [stutters] it’s festival seating. They don’t want chairs. Even if there were chairs, they’d stand on them and just…

[Scenes of girls being carried on stretchers]

MJ: So we have a tent on the side with… there’s usually like five thousand faints every night and we have all these doctors and paramedics, but it’s a difficult thing to tour.

[Scene of a helicopter landing, followed by Michael walking into the airport with his team, labelled Japan 1988]

MJ: You go from one continent to another. You’re sleepy, the time zones are different. You can’t sleep after a show…

[Clip of Michael on stage running towards the camera with a smile]

MJ: …the adrenaline is up here.

Director: Can we just do it again? Without the negative, saying you don’t like to tour… just…

MJ: [to director] I don’t like it though.

Director: I know, but this just…

MJ: I go through hell.

Director: Standing up though…

MJ: I go through hell touring!


Director: Touring is…

MJ: [to director] Okay then I’ll… I’ll make it positive then.

Director: Yeah, just a…

MJ: [to director] Just… you know the truth.

Director: Yeah… [laughs]… And action, Michael.

MJ: I love to tour. I just…

[All start laughing loudly]

MJ: [laughing] You guys messed it up! Why you all start laughing? I was ready to get into it!

Director: Just say…[laughing].

MJ: Hehehehehe… [giggles], no, no. No, but seriously there is a good part of touring. It’s the fans.

[Clips of fans dancing in the streets]

MJ: I love my fans. You go to any city, anywhere in the world, they know all the songs, all the dance moves, everything. They even come with the tapes on their fingers, the hats, the gloves and everything. It’s just a wonderful experience. I love it.

[Clip of fans chanting: We want Michael, until he appears at the window to wave]

MJ: The fans are the reason why I do the tours and um, it’s very important to give the best show we can possibly give them.

[Clip of Michael after a Bad show talking to his team]:

Michael: As far as cautiousness, being alert and musicianship, you guys were all wonderful.

Team member 1: Thanks.

Michael: I wish I could say the same for wardrobe and technology but I can’t. They made a couple of mistakes yesterday. You were great Chris. It wasn’t your fault… okay.

Team member 1: All right. Thank you very much.

Team member 2: Thank you.

Team member 3: Okay, so…

Team member 4: Okay, here we go!

[All hold hands and perform a lively cheer]

MJ: It’s a spiritual thing also, cos when certain songs we play…

[Scene of Michael performing ‘Earth Song’ on stage, with the audience lit up]

MJ: …like ‘Heal the World’, ‘We Are the World’ or ‘Man In the Mirror’, we could… the whole stadium is lit up with these er, stick lighters they use and they know when to do it. They, you hit one chord and they know exactly what it is. It’s, it’s very emotional. I mean, it’s, it’s, it’s fun and I love to entertain. That’s one of my favorite things.

[Scene of Michael performing ‘Beat It’ from a crane]

MJ: I think the fans see that. Actually I, I know they see it because when I walk out on stage, they give me so much love and that’s everywhere I go, every time I walk on stage.

[Clip of a marching band on stage approaching Michael]

MJ: One of the best moments is right here. Right here. It’s right in the middle of the show and it’s my birthday and I’m thousands of miles away from my family.

[Band plays while Michael hides his face]

MJ: When they surprised me with the full marching band and then they brought out this huge, beautiful birthday cake…

[Happy Birthday is performed by the band; clip labelled Michael’s Birthday 1993]

MJ: I realized that I’ve got family all over the world. Everywhere I go, because my fans really show me the love and I love them just as much.

Michael: [wiping his face] This is wonderful. Thank you so much.

Michael’s first Christmas

MJ: I’ve met a lot of people in my life and very few are real, real, real friends. You could probably count them on one hand. And Elizabeth is one of the most loyal, loving, caring people that I know.

[Clip of the Neverland gardens and house plays to Christmas music]

MJ: She decided to transform Neverland into its first Christmas because I, I don’t celebrate Christmas.

Elizabeth: It is 1993 and this will be Michael Jackson’s very first Christmas. It has taken me, I would think, about five years of talking him into celebrating Christmas at Neverland because I understood that if you were raised a Jehovah’s Witness, they don’t celebrate Christmas.

[Scene of Elizabeth decorating the house]

Elizabeth: When he quit being a Jehovah’s Witness, I said to Michael, ‘I think Christmas is a wonderful way of celebrating love. It’s a celebration of love.’ And I can’t see Christmas without Michael and Michael without Christmas.
[to cameraman] It’s pretty isn’t it?

MJ: I had no idea she was planning this. This was, er, a real surprise.

Elizabeth: [approaching room] Michael?

MJ: That’s my bedroom that she’s coming to now.

Elizabeth: Michael? It’s the spirit of Christmas, come to haunt you!

MJ: I’m not usually awake up.

Elizabeth: Michael?

[Door opens]

Elizabeth: … by the sight of my little dog.

MJ: She know I don’t like that dog cos, because I’m afraid of dogs. They’re little, but they bite.

Elizabeth: Morning, sweetie [kissing him]. Come on. Welcome to your first Christmas.

[Elizabeth walks Michael out into the room]

Michael: [gasps] Oh my God. It’s incredible heh… [laughs]. I can’t believe this hahaha… [laughing]. This is the first time!

Elizabeth: I know!

MJ: Heh… [laughs], she decorated the entire house.

(Michael looks at the room and touches the tree, approaching the presents)

Elizabeth: That’s yours!

Michael: Santa came?

Elizabeth: Santa from Bel Air! [cackles].

Michael: Santa from Bel Air! Heh… [laughs]. Can I open it?

Elizabeth: Sure!

MJ: At the same time, it was exciting, I felt guilty too at the same time. I remember going to the bathroom crying, later…

[Michael touches the presents and looks at the small dog]

MJ: …because I felt I’d done something wrong, cos I was raised not to ever celebrate it.

[Michael opens a present, which turns out to be a red sweater]

Michael: Oooh! I love it!

Cameraman: Are you gonna put it on?

Michael: Yes! I’m putting it on right now! [pulling it on].

Elizabeth: [to cameraman] Are you realizing you’re photographing me without any makeup on? [smiles].

Michael: [opening present] Love it! Supersoaker! [holds it up, making a fist at the camera]. Now I know how to wake up Elizabeth tomorrow!

Elizabeth: How?

[Michael and the cameraman start laughing]

Elizabeth: Oh! God!

Michael: You’re gonna like it, don’t worry!

Elizabeth: You’re gonna shoot me.

Michael: [opening another present] This is a supersoaker. I can feel it and tell! Hahaha! [laughs].

Elizabeth: You!

[Both laugh madly, while Elizabeth starts playfully hitting Michael]

Michael: [laughing] Ouch! Ouch! Hahaha!

[Michael stands up and Elizabeth grabs a present off him]

Elizabeth: I want a squirt gun! I want a squirt machine gun!

Michael: [taking present back] She’s snatching presents!
[to Elizabeth] May I have this one? It’s for you, but can I have it?

Elizabeth: [smiling] Yes.

Michael: Thank you.

Elizabeth: What it is?

Michael: It’s a water gun [laughing].

Elizabeth: What?

Michael: A water gun!

Cameraman: How do you know it’s a water gun?

Michael: Cos I see it… [laughing] right… [points to top of box].

Elizabeth: Oh!

Michael: [laughing] Water gun!

Elizabeth: That’s not fair!

Michael: This is a supersoaker! [holds up another present].

Cameraman: Thank you.

Michael: Thank you! You’re too kind! [laughs].

[Elizabeth opens a present]

Elizabeth: Hahhhhhhhhh! [screaming madly].

Michael: Ohhhhhhh! [laughing]. Look at her!

Elizabeth: Supersoaker! Yeah!

MJ: If you’re wondering why I love supersoakers so much, it’s because if you come to Neverland, it’s a rule that you are bound to get wet. Either be thrown in the pool, or you have a water balloon fight or a supersoaker fight. And… [smiles] I love all of the above.

[Clip of Janet at the ranch]

MJ: That’s Janet. We think so much alike.

Janet: I love this!

Michael: [laughing behind her] You just missed… [laughing].

MJ: Here come Macaulay Culkin.

Michael: You ready? [laughing].

Janet: Come on Daddy.

Michael: [laughing] Come on Daddy! Come on.

[Mac throws a bucket of water at Janet]

MJ: See, Mac takes big buckets of water and throw them on. He cheats a lot. But he’s fun [smiling]. He loves to have fun, just like me.

[Mac drives Michael in a cart, whose arms are held out, smiling at the camera]

MJ: We’re all to the field. Supersoakers are, are really high tech. They got some great ones now.

[Shed door opens and Michael and Janet come out. Michael runs at someone with a water gun, but he aims a bucket of water at Michael]

Michael: Ahh! You! You win.

MJ: Hmhmhmhmhm… [laughs]. That’s Mac’s older brother, Shane.

Mac and Michael: Ahhhhh! [at camera].

[Scene of the water balloons]

MJ: Okay, this is, we’re preparing the water er, balloon fight.

Michael: What’s the name of our group this time?

Mac: [to Michael] What do you feel we should be?

Michael: [to Mac] What were we last time? That was okay.

Mac: [to Michael] Okay. Go ahead.

Michael: Okay. Visions of… no [talks to Mac].

Mac: [talks to Michael].

Michael: [to camera, smiling] Visions of doom!

[Scene of the fight as it begins]

MJ: We had teams. We used the whole ranch. My favorite thing to play, if you call it a sport, it’s a sport, is a water balloon fight heh… [laughs]. I love the way they splatter when they hit! [laughs]. I’ve never lost a water balloon fight. I’m the Michael Jordan of water balloon fights.

Mac: Aww… Michael!

Michael: Visions of doom! [holds up Mac’s arm triumphantly].

Mac: Yeah!

Michael: We won the fight again… and again.

Cameraman: But Janet, what’s it like on the winning team?

Shane: [running away from Michael] He’s gonna get me!

Janet: It’s great!

Michael: Whoa! Whoa!

Michael: [to Janet and Mac]: Is this the face of someone who’d do something like that? I’m of the innocent…
[to camera] Right? Hehe… [laughs].

Cameraman: [laughs].

MJ: I mean, I went through this entire water balloon fight…

[Clip of the three in a golf cart]

Janet: Victory!

Michael: Victory!

MJ: … completely dry.

[Clip of Michael dancing on the diving board]

MJ: But knowing Macaulay Culkin, he made sure. He schemed on me. He told me to go up on the diving board and I went up there like a nut.

[Mac pushes Michael off the diving board]

Michael: Ahhh! No!

[Michael surfaces from the pool]

Michael: I’m gonna kill you! I’m gonna kill you Mac! I’m going to annihilate you!

[‘Beat It’ plays to concert and fan scenes; clip of children talking, labelled India]

Child 1: Michael’s the king of pop!

Child 2: Michael’s the king of pop.

Child 3: Michael Jackson’s the king of pop!

Making a monster… Thriller

[‘Thriller’ video plays]

MJ: With ‘Thriller’, my mission was to make a short film, a story. So it was like watching a mini movie.

Michael: It’s only a movie

Ola: It’s not funny.

Michael: You were scared weren’t you?

MJ: It wasn’t just a video, just a lot of abstract you know, craziness that didn’t make sense.

Michael: I have something I wanna tell you.

Ola: Yes, Michael?

Michael: I’m not like other guys.

Ola: Of course not. That’s why I love you.

Michael: No, I mean I’m different.

Ola: What are you talking about?

[Clip of Michael in a room]

MJ: This is rehearsal, what you’re seeing, practicing my acting.

Michael: I’m not like other guys. I mean I’m different.

Cameraman: That’s for sure [laughs].

Michael: I’m a monster.

Cameraman: Uh-huh.

Michael: When the moon is full, I metamorphosise into an ugly demon… I’m a monster.

[‘Thriller’ video continues]:

Michael: Go Away!

Ola: Aahhhh!

[Back to rehearsal]:

Michael: [crosses eyes] One other thing I have to get straight. Um, people always tend to be rude to me. And I’m just not taking it no more… Rob, how close are you?

Cameraman: I don’t know. Pretty close.

Michael: [indicating] Like this? Like this? Or can you see chest?

Cameraman: I can see right about where your Nike is.

Michael: [looks down and checks] What a jerk! Back up! Awh… dimwit! [gets up]. There. That’s how you backup. Okay.

[Clip of Michael dancing in glitter socks in front of a mirror]

MJ: This is me experimenting with socks for ‘Thriller’. Glow socks, light socks, bright silk socks. I tried everything. I didn’t wanna copy people. I wanted to be an innovator, a pioneer.

[Scene of the making of ‘Thriller’]:

John: Okay, let’s go! Action!

[Michael playing a prank on John Landis]

MJ: I just cracked that thing over John Landis’ head. I love John Landis. He’s great to work with.

Cameraman: Let’s go!

[John Landis jumps down from the stage, demonstrating an acting scene for Michael]

John: Go Ahh!

MJ: Great man. He always turns me upside down.

[Scenes of John Landis holding Michael upside down]

John: Let me know when you need Jackson!

Cameraman: Cut!

[Scene of Michael and Brooke Shields leaving their car at an awards ceremony]:

Girls: Michael! Michael!

Reporter: I was wondering if you’d…

[Walking to the Grammies; Clip labelled Grammy Awards 1983]

MJ: Oh this is on the way to the Grammies. I had gotten a record thirteen, I think, thirteen nominations for ‘Thriller’. And we, well, I didn’t know what was gonna happen really. That’s Emmanuel Lewis, one of my best friends.

Brooke: Oh you’re here too, Emmanuel [laughs]… Brilliant!
Girl: Hi Michael.

MJ: That’s Gladys Knight, the person I just hugged.

Child: Michael!

MJ: Her and Diana Ross are responsible for launching the Jackson Five. Er, we got a contract with Motown and um, we started from there.

[Michael greeting people and hugging Chuck Berry]

MJ: Oh there’s my man. The real creator of rock n roll, Chuck Berry.

[Chuck Berry lifting Brooke Shields]

Brooke: [laughing] I’m Michael’s size remember!


Brooke: I’ll take that as a compliment.

[James Brown meeting Michael]

James: I love you man. I’m glad you look good!

Michael: Thanks for everything.

MJ: That’s one of the greatest entertainers that ever lived. That’s James Brown. I idolize him. I think we’re on our way inside the building.

Michael: [calling behind him] Thank you very much!

Cameraman: That’s it, we’re on our way in.

MJ: Emmanuel. He started to rope onto her dress! He’s a flirt. See, I liked her and he liked her too. So, it’s competition.

[‘Thriller’ playing at awards as Michael walks into the audience]:

Host: Welcome to the twenty sixth Annual Grammy Awards!

MJ: That’s me walking on. When we walked in, we got a huge, like a tumultuous applause. People really were excited.

Host: Michael Jackson!

[Scene of Michael being given the awards to hold]

MJ: This is after I’d won the Grammies. It was a world record. I had won, er, I won eight!

Man: Michael!

MJ: Thriller, still to this day, is the largest selling album worldwide. So I can’t even catch up with my own albums. Mahaha… [laughs]. It’s sixty something million now.

[Scene of Quincy and Michael]

Girls: Michael, Michael!

MJ: I was very happy and I thanked God cos it was my dream. It had come true.

[Scene of Michael leaving and waving from his car window]

Girls: Michael, Michael!

Michael goes shopping

MJ: As I said on one of the, um, one of my interviews, it’s my dream to go on a supermarket and just shop and be like everybody else and put things in a basket, cos I can’t do it. Cos if I… when I try to do it…

[Clip of Michael surrounded by fans on a shopping trip]

MJ: …people crowd around, you know. They want autographs and they want you to sign things and take pictures. That’s why I love disguises so much.

[Clips of Michael being dressed for a film and at Disneyland]

MJ: I can sit on a bench at Disneyland and see what people really do and talk about. But when they see it’s Michael Jackson, they change. I don’t see the real thing. You know it’s… so I, I wanna see the real world, what it’s really like. And it’s very difficult.

[Clip of a shopping store labelled 2003]

MJ: So a good friend of mine who owns this mall, he had them close a whole shopping mall and um, he, er, had people in there that I knew, pretending as if they were shopping so I felt like, this… this real entirement.

Man: Aisle three…

MJ: Had my cousins dressed as if they were bag boys and I, I… I went shopping. It was great. They planned everything, right down to the music.

[Michael puts on a cap and moves to the store’s instrumental ‘Billie Jean’]

Man: You need the glove now!

[Michael puts on a rubber glove]

Cameraman: Now people will know who you are, if you put the glove on.


Michael: Where’s the gum?

Cameraman: Big Red! [laughs]

Michael: Big Red! [picks up gum]

MJ: It was a lot of fun. It gave me a chance to see, in my way, kind of what the world’s like, even though it wasn’t the real thing.

[Michael starts swinging on his cart]

MJ: Hehehehahaa! [laughs]. Eventually, I started recognizing people. Like the woman in the blond wig is my nanny hehe! [laughs] Even Elizabeth Taylor was there. She was on a cover of er, this magazine.

Michael: That’s what I’m talking about [holds up the magazine with a thumbs up].

Cameraman: What’re looking at? Where’s your cart?

Michael: I don’t know.

Cameraman: There is it. That one right there.

Michael: Oh.

MJ: Everybody was messing with me, trying to steal my cart.

Woman: Is there a problem here?

Michael: That’s my cart.

Woman: I’ll trade carts with you.

Michael: This is all women’s stuff in here. These are my things [takes them out]. Where’d my cart go?

Cameraman: Right there.

Woman: He was trying to steal your cart, right?

Michael: A hundred percent!

Man: If you can’t keep track of your cart, you shouldn’t shop!

Michael: Uh hehe… [laughs]

[Michael plays Frisbee with someone]

Man: You gonna buy that?

Woman: Michael, wait.

Man: Oh ho! No!

[Laughter as they pour cream onto Michael’s hat]

Michael: Why me? This is my first shopping experience in thirty years!

Cameraman: Michael… Michael Jackson ice cream!

MJ: We just… it was like being at Disneyland, in my opinion. Cos I got to do something that I usually don’t get to do.

[Michael posing with his friends]

Making my family proud

[Clip of Janet and Katharine miming to ‘The Way You Make Me Feel’ as Michael performs, labelled 1988]

MJ: That’s Janet and my mother, backstage at one of my concerts. They’re singing almost as loud as me hehe! [laughs] I remember one thing my mother said to me. We were at the Copenhagen, I think. And there was just a sea of people. It was like over two hundred thousand people and her eyes were watery. She was on the side of the stage. And I said Mother, what’s wrong? Why are you crying? She said um… [pauses and looks down], when you were a baby and I was holding you in my arms, I would never dreamt it. You would, you could, you would do this. You would have this kind of effect on an audience like this. And I gave her a hug and tried to get her on stage. She’s so shy, she, no matter what, she will not go on stage… [laughs] But I thought that was really sweet of her.


[Bad video plays labelled 1987]

MJ: With ‘Bad’, er, we did this in the subway of New York and Martin Scorcese was the director.

[Clip of a dance rehearsal of ‘Bad’]

MJ: This is at rehearsal at the MC Palace, choreographing it hmhmhmhm! [laughs]

Michael: Once we get inside we go BAMBAMBAMBAMBAM! We gotta hold that a while [demonstrating a move]

MJ: We had two days to choreograph. I love that rushing.

Michael: It’s gotta be more tense.

[‘Bad’ video and rehearsal scenes play simultaneously]

MJ: It’s, it’s mostly spontaneous movement, which it should be, cos to have everything choreographed would be kind of hokey for this type of song. And this was Wesley Snipes’ first acting part. So I cast him in this, this piece.

Wesley: So that’s the way it goes down, huh?

MJ: The word on our set that was totally taboo was video. I wouldn’t allow it. Because I didn’t like videos. They were so abstract it made no sense at all. So if you watch pieces that we were doing, that I innovated, you know, you could follow a story. So there is an outcome. And to be entertaining as well, that’s what we did.

[‘Dirty Diana’ plays to kids talking, labelled India]

Child: Michael Jackson. He is the king of pop. He help the poor people. He loves the small children and I love him because he’s very good with small children. He dance good of all people. Everyday he help poor people and he, he…

Other children: Heal the world!

Child: …heal the world! I love you as big as the ocean!
Living in Neverland

MJ: Neverland appeals to the child inside of every man, woman and child.

[Clip of the gates opening]
MJ: It’s a place where I feel that you can return to your childhood. Er, you find grownups, you know, doing things they haven’t done since they were like, ten years old. It’s er, it’s a fun pace to be. It’s er… so much to do, er, I always wanted to have a place where you’re just busy all day and there’s just, er, unlimited space to go on quads, and mountains and horseback.

[Clips of adults playing and Michael on bikes and horseback riding]

MJ: All kinds of fun things. Was, er, it’s just a fun place. I love it. And er… I will always love it and I will never, ever sell Neverland. Neverland is me, you know. It’s, it represents the… [pauses] totality of who I am. It really does. I love Neverland.

[Scene of Mac, Kieran and Michael at the top of a sliding board]:

Michael: Okay, here we go. On three. Wait! Okay, wait, wait, don’t cheat.

Mac: Ready?

Michael: No, no, put, your hands got to be inside the pockets. That’s it.

Mac: No, no [laughs].

Michael: I’m gonna beat you.

Mac: Ready?

Michael: Are we ready?

Kieran: Wait, no, no, no.

Mac: Ready?

Kieran: No.

Michael: [to Mac] I’m crazy for doing this. No, you gotta stretch. Mac, you gotta… [reaches over and fixes Mac’s bag].

Mac: Whoa… whoa…

Kieran: I’m not doing the…

Mac: Ready? Set, go.

Michael: You cheater! Whoa!

[Sliding down the board, heads first]

MJ: He cheats a lot, [laughs] but he’s fun. He loves to have fun.

[Clip of Michael with wet hair animatedly talking and gesturing]:

Michael: And it took a lot of body co-ordination and a lot of kung-fu and pranks and…

[Kid pushes him into the pool]

MJ: That’s my cousin, Elijah. He just pushed me in the pool. That’s Levon, my other cousin. And Mariz.

[Kids push a robed Michael back in]

Michael: No! Ahh!

MJ: I dried off. They pushed me right back in.

Kids: Get him! [laughing and screaming].

[Michael comes out of the pool and runs away, throwing off his robe]

MJ: I can’t believe that. First shot of me without my shirt on hahahahaha! [laughs]

[Clip of kids giggling and pulling Michael to the pool]:

Michael: I’m a nice person! I just took a shower! And I washed my hair thoroughly! Ahh!

[Kids giggle and throw him in]

Kids: Yeah!

MJ: See what they do to me?

[Clip of Mac driving Michael and Kieran in a cart]:

Michael: Ahh! Please… Mac…

Mac: [laughing while jumping out of the cart]

MJ: Mac is the most reckless driver, oh my God.

Michael: Hehahahaha… hahahaha! [laughing while leaving the cart] You almost killed us!

MJ: You can see his brother Kieran on the back.

Michael: Did you see that leap? You pushed…[laughing] you pushed his hand over!

MJ: They’re good kids, though.

Mac: I know. He act like…[laughing]

Michael: This is what he did, look. He had the camera and he went… [gestures and laughs again] …hahahahahaha!

[Scene of Michael joining and leaving someone on a trampoline]

MJ: That’s me and my cousin on the trampoline.

Michael: Hahahaha! [laughing] That was close.

Kid: Yeah!

[Clip of Michael holding a basket surrounding by friends, labelled Easter 1991]

Michael: Egg hunt day!

Kid: Yeah!

Michael: And we’re gonna… how many eggs are there?

Woman: Forty-five.

Michael: How many?

Woman: Forty-five.

Michael: [gasps] Forty-five?

Woman: Yeah.

Michael: We’re looking for forty-five eggs.

Woman: And we have, there’ll be special prizes.

Michael: Do we get prizes?

Woman: Yeah.

Kids: [screaming happily]

Michael: A trip to Bermuda!

Kids: Yeah!

Michael: And er, a trip to Florida Disneyland!

Kid: Let’s start now! Let’s start now!

Michael: One, two, three, go!

[All spread out and start searching]

MJ: Whoever finds the golden egg gets the biggest prize.

Michael: Oh, I have no fortune. Nothing. [to camera, whispering]: Please, do you know where it’s hidden? Tell me… please. I wanna win this game… Hey! Yeah! My first egg!

[Michael runs away to find his egg near a statue of a chef, as the kids approach him]

Michael: My first…

Kid 1: My sixth egg!

Michael: Oh my God…

Kid 2: This is my seventh egg… thank you [puts egg in the basket]

Michael: Thank you. He’s the egg hunter around here. Is that nice? He steals my eggs.

Man: Who’s got the most?

Man 2: Michael?

Michael: Yeah? [screams and laughs as he grabs the egg from the statue] Hehahoo! Hoohoo! [laughs madly while being followed around a table by a kid] He went to reach the thing and I grabbed it! Hoohoohoo… [laughing]

Kid: Hey Applehead… come on Applehead [whining]

Michael: Aww… you said Applehead. That’s the… [inaudible]

MJ: Most kids never call me by my name Michael. Either Applehead or another name which I don’t wanna say! [laughs] It’s not a bad word [smiles].

Kids: Applehead? Applehead?

[Michael starts skipping with his basket]

Michael: I’m skipping with the eggs.

Man 2: In someone’s pocket there’s an egg.

[All start screaming and running around]

Girl: I found it! I found it! Yeah, cos I heard what he said… ten!

Boy: We have…

Michael: Here’s our winner… [inaudible] Fourteen eggs…

Girl: Thirty-five.

Michael: Seventy dollars.

[A kid starts teasing Michael and running around him, while Michael cowers]

Kid: Come on Applehead!

Michael: No…

Kid: Look down! Look down! [pulls Michael down]

Michael: [groaning and covering his face after taking off his hat] Awh…

[The kid cracks an egg on his head]

Michael: Thank you… [gets up and puts the hat back on] Why did I let him do that?

Man: [laughs]

Kid 1: Egghead!

Kid 2: Now he’s an egghead!

Michael: I was born an egghead…
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[Clip of the Pecks walking, labelled Gregory & Veronique Peck 1991]

MJ: There’s Gregory Peck and his wife Veronique. See Gregory dancing? That’s the child that comes out inside of grown men when they come to Neverland. He’s one of the nicest people in the world.

[Scene of Gregory on the horse ride carousel, singing]

MJ: I really love Gregory Peck and his wife. That’s their dog, Blanket, believe it or not. Blanket’s sister is Elizabeth Taylor’s dog. Gregory Peck is a dear, dear friend of ours. He’s singing. He’s happy.

[Clip of the Zipper ride]

MJ: Awh, he wouldn’t… I can’t… he would never go on the Zipper. I hold the world record for that ride. I went on that for thirty-five minutes straight.

[Gregory feeling weak as he leaves the ride]:

Gregory: Michael. Never again.

Michael: Heh… [laughing]

Gregory: I loved it, but I hated it.

Michael: Ha… [laughing]

MJ: Hahahahaha… [laughs] Gregory, I mean, he gets on this thing and it bring back his childhood.

Gregory: [to camera] Thanks. Can we do it every weekend?


[‘Jam’ plays to Michael meeting Michael Jordan, clip labelled 1992]

MJ: For the short film, ‘Jam’, I got to work with the greatest sports legend of all time, Michael Jordan.

M. Jordan: Hey, how you doing? [shaking hands]

Michael: Thank you for doing this.

MJ: I knew this was going to be amazing, so I had all these cameras set up, all around us. And there was tons of footage that never made it into the piece. And you’re about to see some of the best, and some of the worst.

[Michael Jordan showing Michael how to score]:

M. Jordan: [inaudible] …play off. You need the points guard.

Michael: [taking aim] What’s the points guard?

M. Jordan: That’s the guy who runs all the players. Pass the ball. All you gotta do is pass to me.

[The game starts]

MJ: We had to play one-on-one. It was so embarrassing.


Woman: Aww… come on Jackson!

MJ: He never missed! That was the object, for him to teach me to play basketball and for me to teach him to dance, you know.

Michael: Can you imagine me trying to… [inaudible]

M. Jordan: Round me, back forward.

MJ: He’s one of the nicest people you could meet. He really is. He spends his summers teaching kids to play basketball. He signs all his autographs.

M. Jordan: Now that’s the spirit!

MJ: We had a real game. People crowd around and they were watching me play one-on-one. And wondering who’s gonna win this game. I wonder who?

[Michael on the floor, holding the ball down]

MJ: Look at this. This is cheating like crazy hehehehahaha! [laughs] He takes it and goes up, slams it!

M. Jordan: Now you gotta show me how to moonwalk.

Michael: Oh hahaha… [laughs]

[End of Jam video plays, Michael teaching Michael Jordan to dance]

MJ: Actually, this is my favorite part of the whole short film because it’s candid, you know, it’s fun. Heh, hmhmhm… [laughs]… he was really embarrassed he said.

Michael: [showing a dance move] Dip your toes in, then out.

M. Jordan: I’m gonna pull a muscle here!

[Michael on the floor correcting his position]

MJ: I really wanted to just move his legs in the right place. His feet are like boats.

Michael: Then, POWPOWPOWPOW! Put all your energy in this finger and boom, just throw it out.

M. Jordan: Like this? [demonstrating]

Michael: No [correcting him].

[Moonwalking scene plays]:

Michael: It’s like walking. It’s the same system, but you’re going back.

M. Jordan: But at the same time…

Michael: Yeah, cos you’re talking your weight and you’re pushing it back. That’s what creates the illusion. It’s the weight shifting. Now, as this foot comes back, the, this other one goes up [demonstrating].

M. Jordan: Yeah yeah yeah! I think I got it. It ain’t too hard for me… what’s the last line? [laughs]

Michael: It ain’t too hard for me to jam [laughing].

M. Jordan: It ain’t too hard for me to jam. It ain’t too hard for me to jam [both moonwalking]. Yeah I think I got it.

Michael: Do this one [showing another move]. Ho!

M. Jordan: Yeah! It ain’t too hard for me to jam! I think I got it!

Michael: Hehehe! [giggles] You got it! [shakes hand]

M. Jordan: Wait! What’s so funny?

[Cast and crew cheering]

[Black or White plays to crowd scenes]

Kid: Hi Michael. I love you.

[Clip of Michael posing with a sailor’s hat]

Girl 1: He’s my only God. I love him. He’s perfect.

Girl 2: He’s the best!

Girl 1: He’s the best!

Joe Jackson Day

MJ: Joe Jackson day represents a day for our father. We don’t celebrate birthdays really, so we create a day for our father and a day for our mother. All the family comes…

[Scene of a large banner reading Joseph Jackson Day At Neverland]

MJ: …and we present them with speeches, how we feel about them and give them presents. There he is. The guy who taught me everything on stage. There’s Janet.

[Scene of the family on the ranch, labelled 1991]

MJ: There’s heh… [laughs] Alex the chimp. She’s got earrings on.

[Scene of Joe sitting with a chimp]

MJ: See, my father loves animals. I think that’s where I get my love for animals from. Er, this was his day.

[Scene of a ride plays]

MJ: Hehehehaha… [laughs] There’s two names for that ride: The spider or the puke bucket. I don’t think Janet got on this.

[Janet watching the ride]

MJ: She’s just real chicken. But the real fun is when you see five hundred kids, you know, terminally ill children having fun [stutters]. That’s the part comes to life. They’re having fun.

[Katharine and Joe sitting together]

MJ: There’s my mother and father sitting together. It’s a great shot. That’s fantastic [smiling proudly]. She’s taken the popcorn! [laughing] There’s my nephew Taj, nephew Augi. Hmhmhmhehe! [laughs]… look at her. She’s… she’s like me. She loves the camera.

[Janet walking past and posing for the camera]

MJ: There’s Janet and myself.

[Janet and Michael walking away]

MJ: Tell you what, the whole family calls her Donk, which is short for donkey. We’ve always called her that, since she was a little girl. We’re going into the movie theatre to see a magic show.

[Scene of people in the theatre and Janet holding two ice creams]

MJ: Two ice creams. That’s her! Janet loves to eat!

Magician: This is the one! This is it!

MJ: Watch Augi. They gotta put their neck in there [laughs]. Look at Augi! He’s backing out!

Magician: Do you wanna sit down? Okay.


Magician: Here goes. Everybody’s gotta say one!

All: One!

Magician: Everybody’s gotta say two!

All: Two!

[Janet and Michael smiling]

Magician: Everybody’s gotta say… Ahh!


MJ: He ran! Look at him. He ran [laughing]. He ran out of the theatre, hahaha! [laughs] That’s hilarious! Hahahahahaha! [laughing]

[Scene of Joe, Katharine, Michael and Janet besides boat]

MJ: This is back at the other house. That day, Janet and I gave my father… we bought him a boat. And he loves to fish. He loves fishing. He loves the outdoors. He’s an outdoorsman.

Joe: So that’s why… [inaudible] That’s nice. Who got this?

Janet: Michael and I did.

Joe: It’s great… [inaudible]

Katharine: Shut up.


MJ: Oh he loves it. Umhm… haha… [laughs affectionately] He’s teasing her. Aww, it was a big day.

Rock My World

MJ: This, it’s very hard to work with Chris Tucker, because when the director says action, he just starts screaming and laughing.

[Scene of Michael and Chris eating at a table]

Chris: Shamone man!


MJ: I’d just look at him. His eyes pop out of his head cos he’s so funny. And that’s what makes it difficult [laughs].

[Chris opens a fortune cookie]

Chris: “You have an ambitious nature and you may make a name for yourself.”

Michael: Oh right.


Chris: Why, that’s me man!

[Rock My World Video plays]

MJ: He does these little things in between, where he’s just improvising. And it’s very funny.

[Chris starts dancing with the dancers]

Chris: Don’t know the words! Yeah yeah! Don’t know, what’s the words? [singing]

Man: Wait, what’s going on here?

[Laughter and cheering]

Man: Anyone ever tell you, you’re a joke?

[Video plays on]

MJ: Some of the best stuff in ‘Rock My World’ is… wasn’t shown on the screen.

[Outside scene]

Michael: Oh, no hug?

Man: No hug, just a kiss. Go the other way. Er, you tilt to the left.

Michael: Okay [practicing].

[All at a restaurant]

Man: I want some real Chinese food. You got some real food?

MJ: In this short film, we ate all this food and we ran out without paying [laughs]. It’s so fun.

[Outside the restaurant]:

Chef: You forgot to pay!

Chris: You forgot to cook the food!

Chef: You got to pay today!


Chris: Food was no good. Keep it to yourself!

Chef: Come back! Come back! Pay today! You forgot to pay! Come back!

[Chris and Michael run away, laughing loudly]

Chris: Knock it out. Yeah! Rock my world?
(Billie Jean plays to concert and fan scenes)


MJ: I love great talent. People like Chaplin. I mean, God, how could you not admire his genius? He was the king of pathos. I mean, he had such a heart and he know how to make you laugh and cry at the same time. I mean, he… he was the master of that. And er…

(Clip of Michael dressed as Chaplin)

MJ: I find some of that in what I do. I relate to him. All… I sometimes feel like I am him. And I like to dance very much.

(Scene of Michael dancing in front of a mirror)

MJ: Sometime, I’ll close myself in a room and I’ll just put on spotlights and, er, put on my sister’s music… er, Janet’s music and I’ll er, dance, er… and discover new things right there. I, I can go with my body. I always tell her my favorite song of hers is er, Rhythm Nation or the Knowledge, cos I love the bass lick. It really just makes me crazy. It makes me wild and we think so much alike that, um, heh… (laughs and looks down, pausing), we come up with the same ideas at the same time, sometimes. A lot of times. And I told her, er, at one time, that dancing was going toward a more military style movement. I’d done a short 3D film with Francis Ford Coppola and George Lucas called Captain EO for Disneyland.

(Clip of Captain EO, labelled 1986)

MJ: And um, we did a lot of military stuff and Janet had seen it and she called me on the phone. She said, Michael is it okay if I steal, er, if I steal what you were doing in Captain EO? I go, what do you wanna steal? She said, the military stuff. I go, I could choke you. She go, why? I said, because I was gonna do… (laughs). My next short film was gonna be all military (laughs). I said, you know what, since you’re my sister, I love you, I’ll let you do it. You take it. And that’s what she did with Rhythm Nation.

(Clip of the Rhythm Nation video, labelled 1989).

MJ: That’s her best short film, I think.


(Smooth Criminal video plays)

MJ: Every time I do an album, I write, almost, nearly a hundred or over a hundred songs, so we have to sucker them down and Smooth Criminal almost did not make it on the album. And on top of that, once it was on the album, I decided that I would make the short film into a western.

(Practice shot at Neverland, labelled 1988)

MJ: I went on the ranch, on the property and I had a cameraman to pretty much shoot me coming up with ideas of how I wanted this thing to be.

(Michael performing some moves)

MJ: I knew I wanted hats and I wanted wind and I wanted just a lot of attitude, you know. A lot of… some quick cuts, some big shots, long shots and er… at the last minute, I said um, nah… I don’t wanna do it as a western. It should be like A Hot Summer Night in Chicago 1945, an underground kinda thing going on.

(Smooth Criminal video plays)

MJ: I think that was the best way to go. It’s, it’s one of my favorite pieces. I get more comments for Smooth Criminal than any other pieces I’ve ever done, really. (singing along with the song): You’ve been hit by, you’ve been struck by a smooth criminal!


MJ: Lady Diana, um, in real truth, was one of the sweetest people I’ve ever known, because, um, we could relate to each other, we shared something in common, with the press. I don’t think they hounded anyone more than her and myself. And we had a relationship, a very good relationship, where we would call each other, er, late at night, for me, er, and we would, you know, just talk about… just like cry on each other’s shoulders, how hard and difficult and how mean the tabloids can be. And how they lie and twist stories around. Um, but she came to…

(Clip of concert scene, playing to Billie Jean)

MJ: … Wembley Stadium in London and er, you know, they do, when the royal family comes and you have to line up and you meet the family and everything.

(Clip of the line before the concert)

MJ: But at some point, she called me away from the line and um…

(Michael shaking hands with Prince Charles and then Princess Diana)

MJ: … I saw Prince Charles looking at me and I said, oh boy. She said, I wanna talk to you! So I said, yeah, what’s, what’s happening?

(Michael and Princess Diana talking)

MJ: She said, are you gonna do Dirty Diana tonight? I said, no, no, I took it out of the show, out of respect for you! She said, that’s my favorite song!

(Dirty Diana video plays)

MJ: I said, are you serious? I said, I took it out of respect cos I… Dirty Diana and you’re sitting in the audience?

(Family taking their seats)

MJ: So at that point, I couldn’t, I couldn’t put it back in the show, because it was too close to show time. So um, I remember, um, Prince Charles leaving the line…

(Back to scene of the line)

MJ: … walking over to us and he said, what are you talking about? And she said, oh, nothing. Like that. So that was that story. There’s a couple of other ones, but I don’t wanna, you know… (laughs), say too much.

(Heal the World Intro plays to a scene of the three in front of a large group)

MJ: She was just a wonderful, warm, compassionate, er, person… very caring, very caring. It was real. It wasn’t a publicity… stunt. It was real.

(Princess Diana bending down to a child)

MJ: She really cared. I’m the same way. If feel the same way that she does about children and the future of our children and the future of the world.

(Clip of Michael in a hospital, greeting people and kissing a patient)

MJ: What I usually do on my off days… I do as many hospitals as I do concerts.

(Clip of Michael sitting on the floor playing with a puppet with small children)

MJ: I do as many orphanages as I do concerts. But because it’s good news, the press don’t cover it. They want bad news.

(Back to first hospital scene)

MJ: But I do it from my heart.

(Clip of a child hugging Michael)

MJ: I don’t do it to wave a flag and say, look at me! We bring bags of toys and posters and albums and you should see how it transforms these kids. They jump up and down and they’re so happy.

(Clip of Lisa Marie Presley and Michael, labelled 1995)

MJ: This is Lisa Marie and myself at a hospital in Budapest. And I saw this little kid, his name was Farkas. He was very sick. He was green in the face. But he had this, this glow in his… this sparkle in his eye. I asked his nurse, what’s, what’s wrong with this kid? She said that er, he needs a liver. So I said, does that mean he’s gonna die? She said, yes he’s gonna die unless he gets a liver. I said, I’m not gonna let him die. This sweet, sweet angel. No matter what it takes, I’m gonna find him a liver for him. So I sent my organization around the world. We went all over the place and it took a long time. And I said, I’m not giving up.

(Michael holding Farkas)

MJ: I’m, I’m not going to have the child die. I was so happy when I got a phone call.

(Scene of Michael and a healthier Farkas)

MJ: They told me, we’ve found a liver! And he has his life. I’m so proud that I could help him. God bless him. I love you Farkas.

(The Way You Make Me Feel plays to concert and crowd scenes)

Fans: Michael Jackson, king of pop!


MJ: I found a tape that was really exciting because, er, in truth, I didn’t even know it existed anymore.

(Clip of the brothers with their fans)

MJ: In between tours, we had a break.

(Clip of the brothers in a changing room, labelled 1979)

MJ: And my brothers and I took my mother to Alabama to visit her stepfather.

(Scene of the family in a car):

Brother: We’re on our way to Alabama.

Michael: That’s right.
(calling to Bill Bray): Salvation Army tomorrow Bill!

MJ: Hmhmhm… (laughing).

Michael: Really, don’t laugh. You find good stuff, don’t you Tito?

MJ: Hehehmhmhm! (giggling).

Michael: That other places would sell real expensive. I’m telling ya! You gonna be hitting them soon when the depression hits ya.

MJ: (laughs) I love going to the Salvation Army, cos I find things that I haven’t seen since I was little.

(Scene of the family outside a house):

Brother: There’s Michael there, looking for… (inaudible).

MJ: They know I like to go through everything.

(Family inside the house)

MJ: I’m very curious. I go through drawers and go through everybody’s closets. I don’t steal, but I like to look and explore.

Marlon: What they got in there, Mike?


MJ: I love seeing the Oklahoma homes in the South.

(Clip of brothers walking down the front stairs)

MJ: I took this shot of me and my brothers walking down.

(Brothers start posing)

MJ: Hmhmhm! (laughs). I had a huge camera in my hand!

Man: Brothers! Aunt Georgia!

(Katharine walking up the path)

MJ: This is my mother in the front and the lady behind her is my mother’s stepfather’s mistress. Hmhmhmhm… (laughs). Aunt Georgia. She’s funny.

(Michael peaking into a shack)

MJ: That’s me peeping… look at the shack. I love this.

(Michael laughing and running behind Katharine):

Man: Hiding behind his mama… Hey Jacksons! Turn around. This smell like beef, Jackie?

MJ: We were just exploring. They live in those houses, very interesting. Er, it’s a whole different way of life down there.

Man: Y’all tighten up!

(Outdoors in the grass)

MJ: (laughing) We love visiting er, people we don’t know.

(Michael dancing while the group claps)

MJ: We tried to get these kids to dance. See, I’d do a little step and maybe he’d join in. He, he got a little shy. Hahahaha… (laughs). They have per… these kids have incredible rhythm. But they were shy in front of us.

Aunt Georgia: You keep that thing on me, why?

Man: She was saying… he said, possums are good eating down there, aren’t they?

MJ: They ate possum, but I wouldn’t have any because I knew it was in the rodent family and er, they’re very cute. They’ve got these little pink noses and big eyes and they’re very inviting, but I wouldn’t want to eat one.

Man: Papa!

Woman: Papa!

Man: Papa, where you been?

MJ: That’s my mother’s stepfather, Papa. Uncle Johnny. I love they way they talk down there.

(Uncle Johnny talking)

MJ: It seems like they’re speaking another language doesn’t it?

Brother: Sugar Babe! Need a hand?

MJ: Oh yeah, that’s Sugar Babe. She, er, helps take care of er, Uncle Johnny. She loves to dance.

(Scene of Sugar Babe dancing)

MJ: Sugar Babe! Hehehehehe! (laughing and clapping).

MJ: Uncle Johnny is truly a character. And he has this drink called white lightning, and this drink was so strong, its, I’m not joking. One sip would get you drunk. It’s really strong. My brother Tito took a sip and he went, Wow! He couldn’t believe it, but I stayed away from it. But Sugar Babe had some (laughing). That’s why she was dancing!

Uncle Johnny: Alright, let’s go! Papapa!

Brother: That’s Aunt Georgia behind, hugging. She was hiding in the house because she told us when it was time to leave, that she couldn’t take it. And she’s crying. So they all brought her out.

(Aunt Georgia hugging Michael)

MJ: It was a wonderful experience. It was just really phenomenal.


(Clip of the dancing take of the video plays)

MJ: This is behind the scenes on the black or white short film and that’s John Landis, our director. He’s done so many great feature films: Coming to America, An American Werewolf in London, the Blues Brothers.

(Scene of Michael being lifted up on the rope)

John: Michael’s gonna do what he did…

MJ: He’s done three of my short films and I…

(Michael playfully hitting John with a towel)

MJ: … always have a great time working with John because he’s a lot of fun.

John: You’re just gonna sweep by him this way.

(John talking to Michael from his position on the statue of liberty balcony):

John: I’m gonna let you do one more, thinking about my baby. Cos if the painting…

Michael: Yeah, I wish you would.

John: Cos if the painting is beautiful, I wanna stay on it longer.

(Video plays at the rap bridge)

MJ: Macaulay Culkin was also in the Black or White short film too.

(Michael dipping John’s tie into a cup)

MJ: And John was always goofing off, throwing stuff at us.

(Michael and Mac sneaking away from their chairs)

MJ: Here we are, scheming to kinda pay John back for all the messing around that he did to us on the set.

(Scene of a long table piled with pies)

MJ: We had planned this, Mac and I, way before shooting the film, that we would have a big pie fight right at the end.

(Mac and Michael talking at the table)

MJ: We have supersoakers, we have stink bombs in the pies and er, and we er, waiting for John Landis to show up.

Mac: Okay?

MJ: We’re practicing how we’re gonna do it now.

Michael: (sitting down) Pretend I’m John.

Mac: I know, I know, I know. And then you go, then you go…

Michael: Pretend I’m John.

Mac: No, for um, for being so nice to us during the whole thing, we give you this. Turn around okay? (steps back).

Michael: Okay.

MJ: Okay, look, look at him. He’s rehearsing.

Mac: We’re going to nail John.

Kid: (inaudible).

Michael: He’s gonna throw it at him, okay?

Mac: We’re going to nail John! Now, (puts his hand on Michael’s shoulder, firmly), okay, tell me what you’re gonna say?

Michael: I’m gonna say, John in appreciation for working on this great video, we just wanna… and then he’s gonna sneak… I’m just gonna keep talking until he sneaks up and he’s gonna hit John with the first pie.

MJ: Cos I’m gonna say John? John? Hmhm! (laughs). Watch, he’s so excited.

Mac: I go John? John? (taps Michael’s shoulder).

Michael: (turning) Yes.

Mac: Boom.

Michael: Then boom. Okay… Okay? And after he, after he gets the first throw, everybody else can start (grimaces).

(John walks in to applause):

All: John Landis!

MJ: Hehe! (laughs).

John: This looks very suspicious Michael.

MJ: Heh! (laughs). He knows something’s up though.

Kid: We’re having a party!

(Michael puts his hand on John’s arm and brings him to the table, talking to him)

MJ: He’s looking for Mac (laughing). Look, he’s looking for Mac!

Michael: Have a seat.

John: Where’s Macaulay? Where’s Mac?

MJ: You know, where’s Mac?! (laughing).

Michael: (inaudible)… Have a seat.

John: (sitting down) This looks very dangerous to me.

Michael: In appreciation for working on the er, Black or White short film…

John: Yeah.

Michael: … we’d like to say thank you and we…

(Mac sneaks up with a pie)

Michael: … love you and we think you’ve done…

Mac: And John? And John?

Michael: … a wonderful job.

Mac: John?

John: Yes?

Michael: Because…

John: What Mac?

Mac: John.

John: Mac.

(Mac throws the pie in his face; a full fight breaks out to screaming and laughter)

MJ: Heh! (laughing). Oh, that’s fantastic. Oh, I loved it! It could have gone on and on as far as I cared.

(Michael running to corner and jumping happily)

MJ: We’re pranksters, you know. Look at John! Look at John! (laughing).

Michael: Whoa!

John: Whoa, whoa. Ow, ow, ow!

Michael: Cut! Cut!

(Michael takes John’s hand and leads him out of the mess)

MJ: (laughing) Look at him. You can’t recognize him!

(Bad plays to fan scenes and the History trailer)


(Clip of a helicopter landing on the ranch and Elizabeth coming out with two men, labelled 1991)

MJ: One day, I get this call from Elizabeth Taylor saying she wants to come to the ranch. She flew out in this helicopter.

(Man driving Elizabeth in a cart):

Man: How are you?

Elizabeth: Hi!

(Elizabeth leaving the cart and whispering loudly):

Elizabeth: Hi. Is Michael out in front?

MJ: I knew by the tone of her voice that something was up. But I had no idea how big the surprise was.

(The three walking an elephant in)

MJ: She came out with this huge elephant.

(Elizabeth patting the elephant, laughing and Michael walking out with his head in his hands):

Elizabeth: Hahahaha!

Man: Hoohoo!

MJ: It was unbelievable.

Michael: (hushed) Hi… its great... Elizabeth…

(Elizabeth holds out her arms to hug him)

Michael: That… it’s beautiful…

MJ: At first, I was kinda scared cos this thing is huge!

(Michael patting the truck from a distance, chewing gum)

MJ: Eventually, I got into it, feeding him carrots and stuff like that.

(Michael feeding the elephant)

Elizabeth: (inaudible)… I think that’s pretty good.

(Michael ducks away after feeding him)

Elizabeth: Michael?


Elizabeth: No, I can’t…

(Both feeding the elephant)

Man: Great stuff. Got a whole mouth….

Elizabeth: You seem like a garbage can!

Michael: Lift your foot.

Elizabeth: Look at your foot!

MJ: I love elephants. They’re gentle giants, really.

(Elizabeth laughing at something Michael said, who’s ducking his head, smiling)

MJ: Elizabeth was dressed like a gypsy. And that’s why we named the elephant Gypsy. It was one of the best presents that I’ve ever gotten. I was so happy that day. Was a wonderful experience.

(Scene of the door to a room in the house)

MJ: But what Elizabeth didn’t know, that I was planning a surprise for her, also.

(The door opens and Elizabeth gasps):

Elizabeth: Oh my God!

(Scene of a large tapestry of Elizabeth on the wall)

Elizabeth: That’s amazing! I love it! Oh, thank you! (kissing him).

Michael: You’re welcome.

Elizabeth: What is it made of? A carpet?

MJ: The gift that I gave Elizabeth, to me was very unique. It looks like a painting, but it isn’t.

Elizabeth: Wow! That’s incredible Michael.

Michael: I love that color.

MJ: It’s a tapestry. This guy did it piece by piece.

Michael: And I wrote something on the bottom.

Elizabeth: Oh! (checking the bottom).

Man: Elizabeth… I love you… Michael.

Elizabeth: Oh, I love it!

Michael: Do you have a place for it? Maybe, this seems like…

Elizabeth: Now I may have to build a house.

Michael: Hahaha! (ducks head, laughing).

MJ: I think it was a shot of one of her movies.

Elizabeth: I think it’s fabulous!

Michael: I saw that commercial you have er… its beautiful.

Elizabeth: Do you like it?

Michael: Awh… it’s incredible! (hushed).

Elizabeth: Well maybe you’ll see one of my films one of these days.

Michael: Ah haha! (laughs). I knew you were gonna say…

Elizabeth: Hahaha! (laughing).

Michael: I’m seeing Virginia Woolf.

Elizabeth: Well, congratulations!

Michael: I’m seeing it today actually.

Elizabeth: We have to explain the joke. The last film that Michael saw me in, he thought I was really wonderful in, was a film called White Chested Dover.

(Michael looking away, smiling shyly)

Elizabeth: And I was nine years old.

Michael: Heh! (laughs).

Elizabeth: Hmhmhm! (laughs and puts her hand on his shoulder). So he will see me as a grown up.

Michael: Yeah (nods and smiles shyly).

Elizabeth: He may never speak to me again!

Michael: Hahaha! (laughs).

Elizabeth: It’s amazing.

MJ: It wasn’t quite as big as Gypsy, heh… (laughs), but I think she liked my gift as much as I liked hers.


(Remember the Time Video plays, labelled 1992)

Eddie: And what is it you’re going to do?

MJ: Working with Eddie Murphy is so much fun, cos he keeps you laughing all day heh… (laughs) long. He’s just naturally talented. The guy is incredible. As funny as Eddie can be though, there was one moment in Remember The Time, that had everyone laughing, except Eddie. There was this big hunting bird over his right shoulder and as he was sitting on the throne next to Iman, right in the middle of the take, the bird decided to take off.

(Scene of the bird taking flight)

MJ: And so did Eddie hehe! (laughs).


MJ: When he realized that he was the only one who was scared, he thought he had some serious explaining to do (laughing).

Eddie: I’m hey! I don’t want y’all to think that I’m running and I’m a punk…


Eddie: … cos Iman didn’t move from the bird. But it’s two ways to react to a situation like that. You can run or be real still. And she’s just being real still, but she’s as horrified as I am.

(Laughter; Michael clapping)

Eddie: See, she was raised in East Africa. She knows, if the eagle goes crazy, be real still. I’m from Brooklyn, so you run!

MJ: When he comes to Neverland, he has a guitar, an acoustic guitar in his hand and he’s screaming reggae songs all through the house. Yah! Just yelling. He’s just funny. He makes… he’ll take any situation and make it funny. I mean, that’s his real gift. Wonderful. I enjoyed working with him a lot.

(Beat It plays to fan scenes)

Kid: Hi Michael. I love you.

(Clip of Michael posing in a sailor’s hat)

Girl: (in Spain) Michael, you know, he’s the king of pop, but also the king of children.

Both: We love you!


(Clip of Michael on stage at the end of a concert, playing to Man in the Mirror):

Michael: I love you England!

MJ: When I get time off, it’s a rarity, in the first place.

(Clip of Michael on a water slide, labelled 1991)

MJ: It’s a real rarity. We always end up our tours in fun places, like Florida. We stay at the Playboy club hotel. There were bunnies walking around, serving you, you know. They have their little tails on and these little legs and stuff. It’s fun.

(Clip of Michael holding a metal detector):

[Mac: Michael, my go.

Michael: Me and Mac are, are, we’re in Bermuda. And we’re looking for, for treasure!

MJ: Mac and I were going on vacation together and we… Mac is very smart and he’s very a genius in causing trouble (laughs).

(Clip of the two on a balcony where Mac is holding a water balloon):

Michael: It’s his, it’s his idea.

Mac: Yeah! (inaudible).

MJ: We were in Bermuda together and er, we were signing water balloon… he, he had me signing water balloons and he was throwing these balloons at the fans from the balcony. They loved it! They wanted more. They were asking for more.

Michael: But Mac’s throwing it.

MJ: So I was signing these balloons and he kept throwing them.

Mac: (calling from balcony) This balloon is autographed! (throws it).

MJ: I’m signing them, he’s throwing them and that’s what we did. Those are snaps. Those little finger things you see there. When you throw them they pop. And Mac wanted to see if he could light the snaps.

Michael: What?

Mac: Imagine if we could light this thing. Shush!

Man: Michael…

MJ: I didn’t want him to do it, but…

Michael: (hushed) Mac!

MJ: … he did it anyway (laughs).

Michael: (weakly) No, we shouldn’t use fire, Mac. I’m scared.

MJ: Right in front of the manager!

Michael: Especially with the manager standing over you heh! (laughing).

Man: Yeah.

Mac: No, okay. Move back.

Michael: This is the manager of the hotel, you know. He’s gonna run you out (laughs).

Mac: (turning) Hey!

MJ: And he got away with it. The guy said, it’s okay (laughs), don’t worry about it.

(Clip of a speedboat, labelled 1984)

MJ: The footage you’re seeing now is Emmanuel Lewis and myself on the speedboat. This is at Disneyland and we had so much fun there.

(Clip of a hot air balloon, Michael holding out his hat)

MJ: We did everything. We did hot air balloons, we fed turtles…

(Clip of Michael feeding a turtle)

MJ: There… heh…(laughs), there he is. He’s dancing with hehehe… (laughing) with the characters. He’s not shy at all. I was too shy to dance.

(Clip of dancing Disney characters; Michael on a water slide)

MJ: Oh yeah. I love the water parks. I wish I could do that more often these days, but I’m allergic to the sunlight. I, I really can’t go in the sun… (inaudible)… umbrella. Then there are times when you just like (smiles), it look like so much fun, you just say, forget it.

(Michael in pool smiling)

MJ: I’m going. I have to have… I have to do this.

(Clip of a toy store, labelled 2002, plays to Black or White)

MJ: That’s er, where… Yo! Yeah! At FAO Schwartz. We spent the night there. I loved it. I loved it. It was so much fun. Er, they closed it down, we stayed all night. We opened things, we could rollerblade…

(Kids rollerblading)

MJ: … they give you pizza…

(Michael eating pizza, waving off the camera with a smile)

MJ: … they tell you stories, and nobody want to go to sleep cos, you’re, its, you’re having so much fun!

(A magician holds out some cards):

Kid: Can you give me one?

MJ: This magician here, heh… (laughs), he was trying to do this trick. He made me pick a card.

(Michael takes a card and shows it around)

Magician: Make your choice to everyone. Don’t let me see it.

MJ: And I had to show the card to everybody.

Magician: Don’t let me see.

Kid: Okay.

MJ: Then he reveals what the card was.

Kid: What is that?

Magician: Four of spades. Yes or no?

Kid: No!


Michael: (chewing gum) No.

Magician: No?

MJ: And the audience thought it was wrong.

Magician: Please concentrate.

Kid: Cool!

MJ: But then the real magic started to happen.

(The card held up starts to change)

Man: Wow!

MJ: I love magic.

Magician: How about the eight of spades?

Michael: Wow!

Man: Whoa!

(All start clapping)

MJ: I wanna get that trick.

Man: Incredible!

(Clip of heavy traffic):

Man: Look at this damn traffic.

(R. Kelly’s Ignition plays to the scene inside the car)

MJ: This is me on vacation with my good friend, Brett Ratner.

Brett: I got a good shot. Look at this.

(Michael and Brett start dancing to the music)

MJ: We’re in Miami, in rush hour traffic. And we were singing to the music playing, acting round, being silly. It’s fun. Brett’s like a kid, like me. We like to have fun.

(Michael continues moving to the music in the back seat)

Brett: Whoa!

(The Way You Make Me Feel plays to concert scenes)

MJ: You’ve seen a lot of footage tonight of my life…

(You are my life intro plays)

MJ: … my joys, my happiness, you know, (looks down and pauses), um, but what you’re about to see now, is what I’m most proud of… what I think life is really all about.

(Chorus plays to various clips of Paris and Prince playing and a party with a small group of people)

MJ: I love and adore my children. They mean everything to me. When they’re in public though, I conceal their faces, cos I don’t want… I want my children protected. At home, they have a normal life, they play with other kids and they have a good time, they’re laughing a lot. They run around, they even go to school. It’s a normal life for them. But in public, I must protect them.

Man: What do you wanna do when you grow up?

Paris: I’m gonna be like my Daddy.

(Clips of the children at a table and outdoors)

Woman: Paris, what do you like to read?

Paris: Peter Pan!

Prince: I like to read Snow White.

(Clips continue ending with Michael sitting on the floor leaning against the wall with Prince and Paris)

MJ: I love my children very much… and I’m proud to be their dad.

(The Way You Make Me Feel plays to end credits)
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