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 Michael's Love for Rats

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PostSubject: Michael's Love for Rats   Thu May 10, 2012 7:40 am

In 1972, Michael recorded the song Ben, for the film of the same title. The words appear to be about a deep friendship and there is no clue in the lyrics that it was written about a rat!
Michael saw the film Ben many times, waiting to hear his song and see his name in the credits on the screen. As a child, Michael loved rats. At one point, his mother Katherine was horrified to see that he had thirty rats in a cage in his bedroom. He was passionate about the rodents until the day he discovered they were eating each other - as rats sometimes do. He was sickened by the sight and put the rat cage outdoors!
Taken from Michael Jackson - The Magic & The Madness by J Randy Taraborrelli

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Michael's Love for Rats
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