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 A Message for Fan Family: How did Michael Feel about Us

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PostSubject: A Message for Fan Family: How did Michael Feel about Us   Thu May 10, 2012 9:30 am

Fan is, in our opinion, too simple a word to describe the relationship between Michael and all of you, because the affection and love that each one of you has for Michael and that he has for you, would be better described with words like friends and family. Michael has touched so many lives and we came to understand, no wmore than ever, what important role he plays in each one of your lives, like he does to our family.

For millions, he is an inspiration, a role model, a light. For him, all of you play just as important of a role. He loves you with all his heart and we remember many occasions that show how much he cares about you.

Whenever we would stand next to Michael at the hotel window we got goosebumps from all the emotions that were created by the singing and shouting fans. There was literallly so much LOVE in the air. Michael was always aware of every noise you made, even if he wasn't at the window. We would hang out in his room and he would start to sing along to the songs you sand or tell us how sweet the sentences were that you shouted. When you were dancing, his moves on the street, he would laugh and enjoy watching you. He loved that. He would point out pictures and posters that caught his eye, so we could go and pick them in his room and his eyes would shine bright with excitement. We have a video where he unrolls a big poster with children pictures and he says with so much joy: "YES! This is my favourite. Oooohh! I Loooooove it! This is going back with me, in my arms!"

Michael and we were always so amazed at all the wonderful artwork that you created. It showed how much love and effort you put into them. We always spent so much time just looking at everything. Michael truly valued the things you gave him and would store every single thing at his house.

He told us so many times ho wmuch you mean to him and we understand very well why, because everything you do comes out of love. Often when come of you came to meet him, he would tell us to hug you so that we also could feel the love you give. He was always so right.

Your personal stories and experiences with Michael are truly magical and will never be forgotten- it is something that stays in your heart where nobody can take it away from you. And what makes us so unbelievably happy is knowing that all of you will continue to live his love and his messafes and pass it on to the coming generations.

And this way, though all of us. Michael will forever live.

Love, Anton & Franziska Schleiter (close friends of Michael for many years)

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A Message for Fan Family: How did Michael Feel about Us
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