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 Glenda Tapes, 4:5, June 1992

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Glenda Tapes, 4:5, June 1992 Empty
PostSubject: Glenda Tapes, 4:5, June 1992   Glenda Tapes, 4:5, June 1992 Icon_minitimeSun May 06, 2012 7:02 am

M: But.. ya.. but girl, girlfriend had my nose wide open… ok, you could drive a truck through my nose…
G: Laughs…That is the craziest expression. How did they come up with that…
M: I don’t know
G: But it had to come from somewhere and I just wanted to the people who made it up. That’s the craziest expression I have ever heard
M: It’s a black thing
G- (Laughing) Black thing? What is it with your nose? I can’t understand how your nose can be wide open?
M-I don’t know..(whispers–It’s just, it’s personal)
G-I mean it had to come from somewhere. Somebody had to have made it up and I was wondering what they were thinking when they made it up?
M-It’s a black secret
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Glenda Tapes, 4:5, June 1992
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