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 Michael Jackson's Mysterious Project...

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PostSubject: Michael Jackson's Mysterious Project...   jackson - Michael Jackson's Mysterious Project... Icon_minitimeWed May 09, 2012 7:59 am

In 1983, Michael offered to pay for the renovation of the family's Encino Mansion. New Designs are mostly Michael's idea. Katherine Jackson shares Michael's mysterious project for his family:

There was one decorating project of Michael's that he was determined to keep a secret.

"Don't go up in the attic," he kept warning me. The "attic" was the name we'd given to the two small rooms above the garage. Those were the rooms he was working on.
"Well, I won't," I assured him. Even if I had wanted to nose around, which I did, I couldn't. Michael kept the door locked.

Michael let it be known that he was preparing a gift for the family in those rooms.

One day, finally, Michael said, "I want the whole family over. We're going to have a party. I want to show you what I've done to the attic."

Michael didn't have to twist anyone's arm to get them to show up. By then Joe and the other children were just as curious as I was about Michael's mysterious project.

Michael worked up to the last second on the attic.
Even when we were all gathered in the dining room on the appointed day, snacking on appetizers that his chef Rane, had prepared us, Michael was still running around with his workers, trying to put the finishing touches on his special project. Something must have gone wrong because at one point I saw him in tears.

Whatever the problem was, Michael apparently solved it. Finally, he appeared in the dining room looking much happier. Asking for everyone's attention-- Michael always such a showman-- he announced. "I've got a surprise for you." With that, he silently led us outside and to the door leading up to the attic. Up the stairs we went, single file.
I don't know who was the last in line, but he or she must have been dying in anticipation. Everyone who reached the top of the stairs let out a WHOOP OR A CRY.

What Michael had one was transform the two rooms into a photographic version of "This is your Life." starring The Jackson Family.

"To take a picture," read the message on the plaque that Michael had placed on the wall, "is to capture a moment, to stop time. To preserve the way we were, the way we are. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. So with these photographs I will recreate some wonderful, magical moments in our lives..."
Michael had gotten the photos from my personal collection. One day when I wasn't around, he stole into my room, opened the suitcase in which I stored them, and helped himself. The blowups of the shots filled every available inch of wall space.

"We were all very amazed, very touched. Michael was watching our reactions; it was obviously so important to him that we liked what he'd done. - Rebbie

source: Katherine Jackson's "My Family

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Michael Jackson's Mysterious Project...
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