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 How I Met Michael at the Invincible CD Signing

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How I Met Michael at the Invincible CD Signing Empty
PostSubject: How I Met Michael at the Invincible CD Signing   How I Met Michael at the Invincible CD Signing Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 9:52 am

On November 7th, 2001, Michael gave his first ever in-store signing appearance. It was at the Virgin Mega Store in Times Square, New York City, to promote Michael’s new CD, Invincible. I did not know that a special promotional tour was scheduled. So many fans showed up. It was November and at the beginning of winter. My friend Lisa told me that we were going to New York City because Michael Jackson was having a CD signing. She worked for Sony, and she had some friends that worked at that store.

It took us seven hours to drive to New York from Montreal, where we lived. We arrived and the next thing I knew I was next to get my CD signed. There he was, and there I was all smiles. There was very heavy security so I was kind of rushed through the line and the CD was handed back to me. I was still looking at Michael, giving little kisses to the autographed CD, which made him smile and laugh. Reluctantly I was about to walk away, when Lisa grabbed my hand and pulled me back to the table where he was. I was face-to-face with Michael Joseph Jackson! He was still smiling at me so I held out my arms, and he leaned over the table and we hugged.
He had the sweetest laugh, and he smelled so good. He looked directly into my eyes as he signed the disc and handed it back to me. When I was so close to him, he seemed shy, but he must have found me to have been really funny because he was laughing in a sincere way.

How did I feel? It is beyond words. I remember everything. How soft and low his voice was and how his hands touched my back. I whispered, “Love you more” and he smiled.

I must tell you that I feel that I had a secret with Michael at this meeting. He looked into my eyes with a puzzling look, like we knew each other. I did not have a fan reaction either. I knew what was behind those eyes, in that soul. It was like we were in a trance. Time stood still. I could not hear anyone; then I felt his shoulder and hair and it felt as if I was in another world.
My friend Lisa said, “You two had something happening!” I also realized I had met the man. Yes he is an icon, but face-to-face when I looked into his eyes, I saw a man with a soul, blood and bones, no longer just an idol. I think that that was the sweetest thing, and I thank heaven and stars that I made this quantum leap in just ten minutes!
I am so grateful that I was given this chance to meet him. If only I could loop this meeting over and over...But life goes on, and who knows what other dreams may come along on this journey called “my life.”

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How I Met Michael at the Invincible CD Signing
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