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 Michael Jackson and the Dover ferry captain

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PostSubject: Michael Jackson and the Dover ferry captain   jackson - Michael Jackson and the Dover ferry captain Icon_minitimeThu May 10, 2012 10:25 am

jackson - Michael Jackson and the Dover ferry captain 223288_202717246432902_110570722314222_477425_3510302_n

A photograph of Michael Jackson meeting P&O ferry captain Pat Hammond has turned up in an old building in Dover.

The photograph was taken by Deal photographer, Basil Kidd.
Judith Gaunt, who wrote a book about Kidd's archive of photos said: "Basil wrote of the picture that he had been asked to go to the port to take a photograph of a famous pop star who would be travelling on the P&O Pride of Dover.
"Basil did most of the ferry companies photographs in those days. He recalled 'turned out to be Michael Jackson. Didn't know him. Called him Malcolm by mistake!!!' But he did get his autograph."


I was lucky enough to be on duty when MJ travelled. I was an Assistant Purser at the time. We were running a little late because of bad weather. I happened to have a hand held radio listening to the communications between the bridge and shore side. All that was being said was MJ is on his way wont be long now, we didn't know who it was at the time. We were standing by when out of the lift came some 5 or 6 huge fellows and in the middle was MJ (Michael Jackson) he was taken to the Function Room as quickly as possible, but it soon got around the vessel and people were trying to get in to see him. I spent the whole crossing with him and watched him practice his dance routines, and listen to bird song through his fantastic stereo gear. I was lucky enough to get a signed photo, which i still have today.
Tony Finnis
I was part of a small group going on a daytrip from Dover to Calais and the ferry left during poor weather mid morning. As the boat was halfway to Calais news was circulating which included the crew that Michael Jackson was on board and in a part of the boat sectioned off away from the rest of the passengers which we assumed was the captain's cabin. When the boat arrived there was a mini bus with blacked out windows, first off, leaving the ferry and we were told that was carrying Michael Jackson and that he was heading for Paris.
R Shayler
Michael Jackson and his entourage took over the function room on board so they could get some peace and quiet en route to tour on the Continent. His people called our people about an hour before he travelled to say he was on the way. Legendary Deal snapper Basil Kidd took the picture and it made front page of Today. The skipper is Captain Pat Hammond who was Senior Master.
Brian Rees, P&O
This was reported in the East Kent Mercury at the time with another photo including in it the well known local photographer Basil Kidd. I seem to remember that Jackson was travelling to Paris as part of a world tour and had been invited up on to the Bridge.
David Waring
The picture is of Captain Pat Hammond on the Pride of Dover in about 1988. The singer was (if I remember rightly) on his way to Belgium and did not wish to fly. I was serving as Purser on this ship - but was not on duty at the time. He paid for full use of the function room - which later became an enlarged Duty Free Shop!
Fred Isherwood
Michael travelled on the P&O Cruise from Dover to Calais during his Bad world tour after his Wembley concerts, due to bad weather conditions he had to take the cruise instead of flying. He kept a low profile and the 2,000 passengers on board had no idea, he spent most the time in his Limo. He travelled on the pride of dover I believe. Hope that helped.
The master of Pride of Dover in the photograph with Michael Jackson is Pat Hammond (Patrick Edward HAMMOND). A very fine Gentleman. I am reminded that whilst master of Pride of Dover I met MJ's sister, Janet Jackson, travelling from Calais to Dover.
Graeme Boxall
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Michael Jackson and the Dover ferry captain
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